January 15th Museum Selfie Day

January 15th Museum Selfie Day

Some calendars show today as the museum selfie day, others show the 21st as museum selfie day so it is your pick. The general idea for either day you choose, or both if you like, is to show your support for a museum, or museums, of your choice. It’s pretty simple. Take a selfie of yourself in front of a museum. It shows you have class, even if you didn’t go inside. The day was created in London by blogger Mar Dixson, who I assume went into the museum as well as took the selfie out front of it. No one will know either way and it does give free advertisement to the museum which is a good thing. Make sure you take your selfie outside as most museums do not allow photos inside, which could create Jail Selfie Day.

How to celebrate – Locate the museums in your area. Go to said museum(s) and take a selfie. Be sure to post it to social media so you get credit.