June 27th National Sunglasses Day

Did you know they had sunglasses back during the Civil War? No, not the recent movie but the real Civil War, the War Between the States. In fact they were known to be around in Nero’s time (Roman Empire) though hey may not have been used to actually block out the sun rays.


Sunglasses serve a valuable purpose. Not only to they block out the sun rays that can hurt your vision but they also help you see better by removing the glare than comes from the sun, often revealing things you might not have seen otherwise.


Of course, they make you look cool too and who doesn’t want that. Sunglasses were known to exist in 1757, though not widely used. It would be 1929 when they were first produced for the mass population.


Naturally, sunglasses have been used to hide the secret identity of Hollywood stars, politicians, outlaws and suspicious people (Probably aliens from another planet.) And of course the coolest of cool wear their sunglasses at night! (Normally to hide the black eye they have from wearing them at night before and running into the wall.)


Ho0w to celebrate – Proudly show off your sunglasses today. Pretend you are a movie star and see if you get people watching you. Go sun glass shopping to find the one that best defines your cool.