All is Ours Day

We go through life thinking about, trying to earn and trying to keep what is “mine”. We struggle to keep up with the “Jones” or think we have to have things that make us happier, at least happier than the next person. The funny thing is, we are generally happier when we are allowed to share things, like with family and friends, and then it’s not so much about what “I” have as what “we” share and enjoy. It’s all on how you look at things and whether those things are “mine” or “ours”.

How to celebrate – Learn to share. Stop looking for how you can improve “Me” and look for how you can make things better for “Us”. Watch “This Is Us”.

February 23rd Open That Bottle Day

You know that bottle of wine, champagne, scotch of whatever you have been saving forever for some unknown reason… well to day is the day to finally open it and have a taste. If you stop and think about it, what have you been waiting for? Take care though if it is a bottle of Ripple or Boone’s Farm, it has probably turned to vinegar!

Today was created by Dorothy Gaither and John Becher, both columnists for “Tastings”. While the idea is to open a bottle of champagne but it really works for anything that has a cork, or if cheap, a screw top! It falls on the last Saturday of February, though I don’t think it has always been there.

People end to save a special bottle of something for some special occasion. The idea has value but if you stop and think about, isn’t every day special? And if you want to save it to share it with someone, why wait until they are far away? The catch is, it does not begin until after 5 PM.

How to celebrate – Open that bottle you’ve been saving. Buy a bottle this year and wait until next year to open it. Read “Tastings”.

November 12th National Chicken Soup for the Soul Day

We all try to figure out how to make our lives better, how to turn those negatives into positives. It does take a little motivation but it can be done. One of those ways is, reading a book! Just like chicken soup helps us get over a cold or flu, this book helps us get over nearly everything else in life by suggesting known and proven ways to get over issues we have to deal with.

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But it should be known that chicken soup doesn’t really do anything for our cold or flu. The fact that we eat helps, that the steam from a piping hot bowl of soup may open up our sinus’. But they soup itself… ehhh. So can a book tell us how to straighten out our lives and troubles. Maybe… at least it can get us to recognize them and start working on them.


There is a book for nearly every topic you could imagine and even a few you couldn’t… or shouldn’t! They are actually very helpful, but just like chicken soup they won’t do anything for you if you don’t do something for yourself.


Today was created by the people at Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises, Inc. Yes, it is hoped you will buy more books from them so they can get richer, but they can also be helpful if you use the books in the right way. Any issue, or problem that you face does have answers. You have to figure out what the right answer are for you and a good way to start is by reading what others think, feel and how they reacted.


So when you get down on life, yourself or your surroundings… sometimes it helps to know someone else has gone through that too and found a way out.

How to celebrate – Find a Chicken Soup for the Soul book that fits your need. Have an actual bowl of chicken soup. Realize there is a way out of any problem you face, you just need to look for the way that best suites you.


September 10th Swap Ideas Day

You never know where a good idea may come from. You also never know when it might lead if that idea is developed further by sharing it for input with a friend or business associate. We all get ideas, most never lead anywhere, but maybe they could be developed further if we allow others to have some thought about them.


I know it’s not popular to share ideas. We all want them to be ours and ours alone. We want the individual credit for what we have dreamed up and the benefits, if there are any, to come back to us. But the truth of the matter is, anything can be improved by sharing it with others. No one comes up with an idea that is perfect on it’s own. Even after numerous attempts at improving the original idea sometimes more input is needed.

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If you take the United States as an example, and yes I know many of you feel it is a failed attempt, there were many, many people involved in creating the republic we have now. It’s still not perfect, but it is (to me) the best governmental experiment on the face of the earth right now. And all ideas are nothing but experiments, always striving to be better than when they started.

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So if you share your ideas, and listen to the responses, you will end up with a better product. It may not make them what you wanted them to be, but even rejecting those ideas will make the original idea better. It’s called trial and error. And it may take several attempts at improving the idea you have shared. The idea is, listen and see if you can find anything in the suggestion rather than just declining it because it came from someone other than yourself.

How to celebrate – Share your ideas. Listen carefully to any response, even if you rejected it may be improved upon by highlighting something missing. Do not be an island.

August 9th Book Lovers Day

So when was the last time you read a book? You really don’t have to wait until Book Lovers Day to read one. Although, there seem to be a bunch of them over the year. Today seems to be the most recognized of them but they do seem to be all over the place. I personally think that’s a good thing!


Books can take you anyplace you feel like going for the day… or if you are me, maybe a month! I’m not that fast of a reader. These teach, educate and relax us. I love the ebooks but they just aren’t the same as holding a book in your hands, turning the page and makes you feel like you are accomplishing something.

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Now books have been around since the written word. They range a huge variety of subjects and are based on fact, fiction and fictional facts. Some have pretty pictures, some have some not so pretty pictures and show you a part of the world, or history, that you may not have visited before. Maybe they take you to someplace you’d like to go but can’t afford to or simply find impossible to get to, like someplace in the past or the future.

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They also lead to great discussions and thought processing, seeing some view you may not have considered or something you may not have even thought about. I have up to a half-dozen books I haven’t read yet laying around at any time. That inspires me to read on because there is a book I want to get to waiting.

How to celebrate – Start reading a book today. Write a book today. Suggest a favorite book to a loved one of friend.

September 10th Swap Ideas Day

You know what they say; “Two minds are better than one.” If you get a really good idea you might want to share it with someone because they may be able to improve on it! Of course, they may make it worse as well or they may even steal it for themselves and leave you out n the cold… but that’s not what today is all about.

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How about those of us who get a great idea but we can’t put it into an actual working model? We have to share it with someone or else it will never get off the ground! You might even find that someone has been thinking something similar to your idea but in a different way. By sharing the idea you make make something that would have made a difference instead of having something that falls to the wayside and is useless.

swap ideas

It could be an invention, a manuscript, a life changing event or even something as simple as adding an ingredient while cooking. Sharing ideas is how out teacher teach, our government is supposed to function and and works really well at problem solving.

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We all come up with ideas, normally several a day.  We do not share them because we think they are stupid or because someone might steal them. If we shared them maybe they would actually develop into something with the right minds in place.

How to celebrate – If you get an idea, write it down before you forget it. If the idea is something beyond your power to create it, find someone who can. Make a list of those who you feel you can trust with your idea and break them down in to categories where they might be of the most use.

May 28th Amnesty International Day

Today is the day to celebrate human rights and awareness of all the abuses that occur daily in the world. Of course you can’t do that in one day, but today is the day to start.


We here in America, and most of the rest or the modern countries of the world, complain about how rough we have it. The thing is, we do not know suffering like those living in oppressed countries and the very poor countries. Those countries devastated by war, famine and natural disasters.  In fact, people living in those countries would probably trade us for our worst days here.


Think about them the next time you go to a restaurant or pub, go see a movie or theater show or just get a glass of water out of your tap. For the price of a meal at a medium priced restaurant, a couple of drinks, a movie or a seat in a theater you could probably feed a dozen or more starving people.


For some unknown reason we have all decided that it is a governments job to take care of others. Whether it is our government or someone else’s government we expect them to take care of the problems around the world. That is not the role of government. Government is meant to take care of our own. The only time a government should be assisting another government is if there is war and even then, it’s not always in our interest to fight someone else’s war.  If people help people, the government doesn’t have to come into it. They have nothing to gain, or lose, if we are taking care of the problem with people.


We can’t stop war but we can stop hunger, we cannot stop natural disasters but we can help clean up the aftermath. Amnesty International was founded in London on May 28th, 1961.  There should be no politics about helping others. After all, there may come a time when we need help ourselves.

How to celebrate – Learn more about Amnesty International. Stop saying you wish you could help and go help. Set aside money from one meal out a month and send it to Amnesty International.