June 14th National Goat Day

June 20th National Goat Day

There are at least a half dozen goat days on the internet, today is one created for, and by, Facebook. I have to admit that I really haven’t checked into this goat day so I’m not sure what separates it from the others. From a brief look it seems like a lot of those online are pets rather than a meal. When I lived on  farm we did have a pet goat. I do not remember playing with it or bringing it in the house but I do remember it being tied to the porch for us to play with. So if you like goats, today is a great day, share your celebrations on Facebook with others.

How to celebrate – Go on Facebook. Get a goat as a pet. Come up with a cool name like… Billy… for your pet’s name.

April 10th National Farm Animals Day

April 10th – National Farm Animals Day

How often do farm animals get celebrated? Not very often! Colleen Paige, Animal Rescuer, Vegetarian and Pet Lifestyle Expert created today in the hope that we might look at those animals on farms as living creatures rather than supper. Having grown up on a farm I do have a tendency to look at animals differently. I’m not a vegetarian but I could not look an animal in the eye and then slaughter it. I have had goats, horses and cattle as pets. All were a little tough to take for walk but they all served a purpose. They are living, breathing and caring animals if you give them a chance. And just like people they feel, love and think (Though maybe with some limitations.)   

How to celebrate – Visit a petting zoo. Spend some time on a farm. Love your pet.