April 3rd Find A Rainbow Day

To go along with those April Showers today we are supposed to find a rainbow. It should be relatively easy to do if it is raining, if not… you may have to make your own. Rainbows are important, they show us where that pot of gold is, they lead us to the fabled city of Oz and, naturally they have many, many more means today than they were ever intended to have. Today was first celebrated back in 2013 and there are still some folks out looking for their first rainbow!

How to celebrate – Look for a rainbow. Enjoy the rainy days. Count how many rainbows you see in April.


June 30th Meteor Day

When you star gaze you will often find falling stars, or meteors, entering our atmosphere and burning up. It is a natural, and rather common, sight to see though it does seem to happen more in the winter months than the summer months. Most burn up before they hit the earth but some do get through. The most famous occurred in Siberia in 1908 which cut a path through 40 miles of territory destroying trees, a few buildings and knocking some people out. That happened on June 30th and probably is the reason for today becoming Meteor Day.

How to celebrate – Star gaze tonight. Visit sites where meteors have landed. Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket.

April 3rd Find A Rainbow Day

Today you are supposed to find a rainbow. If it doesn’t rain, good luck. However don’t give up. Rainbows can appear in the strangest places at the oddest times. It does require some sort of liquid, water works best, and the atmospheric conditions allow light to reflect off that droplet of liquid. Now if you remember Roy G. Biv, a great scientist even if made up, you’ll get the colors of the rainbow in order. Starting with red, then orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. April was picked because April showers bring May flowers and hence, it’s supposed to rain in April, like a lot!

How to celebrate – Start looking for your rainbow early. Look for other sorts of rainbows besides those you see in the sky. Watch the Muppets.