January 3rd Festival of Sleep Day

Haven’t you wished for a day you could just sleep in and not have to worry about what got done and what didn’t? Well today is that day! it’s the Festival of Sleep Day and you can sleep all you want.. provided you don’t have to go to work or do anything important! In fact, you could make the Festival of Sleep last all week if you choose, again provided you have nothing else you need to do. So go on back to bed, find a hammock or just lay your head down on the table and get the party started!

Howto celebrate – Take a nap. Plan your sleep festival. Get plenty of “Do Not Disturb” signs.


September 25th World Dream Day

So today is not totally about sleeping… well part of it may be, as most creative people come up with their best ideas while sleeping. But today is actually in the dreams of hope and goals. It was created to make our world a better place by emphasizing – dream big, reach for the stars!!!! and make those dreams a reality….Ok now go back to sleep so you can dream up some wonderful ideas 🙂

How to celebrate: Don’t ever give up. Don’t let ANYONE tell you it can’t be done. Write down your dream and tape it on your mirror or bedpost and look at and believe in it every day!

February 28th Public Sleeping Day

I’m willing to bet that whoever invented today, which we have no details on, liked to grab a quick nap at work when they could. Sleeping in public can be dangerous. You never know who might pass by and what they might do to you. So with that in mind, you might want to find a partner who will stay awake while you sleep and then you can return the favor when it’s their turn. And lets all hope you don’t snore or drool when you sleep because that can lead to entirely different issues. And if you do decided to celebrate today, get yourself some sunglasses to try and hide your lack of activity.

How to celebrate – Take a nap in public. Get a good guard dog. Suggest nap time at work like they do in pre-school for children. (We could all do with a good nap)

January 3rd Festival of Sleep Day

Now here’s a day most of us can look forward to! For most of us, we never get enough sleep so today is a day to play catch up. The rush of the holidays is over (though the holidays themselves are not) and we can sit down and relax, celebrating that we made it through another season. We actually need one of these days every week, or maybe every two weeks. So how much sleep is enough sleep? Eight hours a night? Six hours a night? Ten hours a night? It’s different for each of us so how much sleep you need to catch up on depends on your routine (actually that doesn’t work). So enjoy your day sleeping and if you wake up before January 4th, just go back to bed.

How to celebrate – Sleep.

January 3rd Festival of Sleep Day

Here’s a day we have all been waiting for, a day to sleep the hours away and recover from the holidays! The concept is pretty simple, sleep in, take a power nap, go to bed early, or better yet, do all three! Sleep is important and far too often most of us get less than we need. Some people are able to sleep for only a few hours a night and function perfectly well. They are the exception and not the rule though. As we sleep our bodies replenish a lot of the things we need to perform properly, without enough sleep, we are truly running on empty.

How to celebrate – Sleep in, turn off the alarm. Take a power nap, if you are at work go to your car or find a dark, comfy spot (in this case you may want to set the alarm). Remember to grab your Teddy Bear to comfort you as you sleep.

July 22nd Hammock Day

Ah summer, it’s hot, maybe rainy and the kids are out of school. You will be under a lot of stress! So what’s the best way to relax? Gently swaying in the shade of a couple of trees while sipping your favorite beverage and maybe reading a book. It’s what the hammock was invented for! Well, not really but it works! Hammocks have been around since man decided he did not want to sleep on the ground. It is a cooler way to sleep, surrounding yourself an breeze available. They were also useful on ships. The hamock swayed with the rocking of the ships at sea allowing the occupant to not be trashed about and they could be raised and lowered as the need required, allowing for room in the tight quarters set aside for the sailors. Today was created by Bob Matthews who insists it is not a National holiday even though most sites show it as such. The day was created in 2008 for Holiday Insights during the “Dog Days” of summer.

How to celebrate – Buy a hammock. Check out all the different types of hammocks available. Pretend you are a pirate.

February 28th National Public Sleeping Day

Go ahead, take a nap. Doesn’t matter where you are, just close your eyes and go to sleep. The only catch today is it needs to be in public where others can see you. Maybe visit a mattress factory or showcase, where you can get a good rest in!

Now if you are on the lookout for these national sleepers, pay close attention to those wearing sunglasses or sitting in the shade. Snoring is also a good give-a-way that they may be a public sleeper.

I hope you partied hard last night so you have a reason to sleep today. I do warn others though, maybe don’t take an airplane today or make sure your Uber driver stays awake as they get you where you are going.

Well, it’s my turn to go take a nap so I’ll be signing off now…..

How to celebrate – Take a na…. (snoring sounds)

January 3rd Festival Of Sleep Day

It is only appropriate that after the holidays we celebrate a day that allows us to catch up on our sleep! It’s something we sort of need. We couldn’t sleep at Halloween because of the nightmares, we couldn’t sleep at Thanksgiving because we ate too much (Ya right), we couldn’t sleep at Christmas because of all the excitement and we couldn’t sleep on New Year’s Eve because, well we aren’t supposed to.


Actually when we can’t sleep it’s because our minds will not let go of whatever it is focused on. It might be work, it might be all the things we have to do during the holidays. It can be worry, eating the wrong foods, having unfinished projects or… well, who knows what!


But today is the day we change all of that. It is our duty to sleep since we are celebrating it… together. If everyone else is sleeping there are no deadlines to meet, no people to please, no meals to cook… just absolute peace.Now I would make sure that the people you are depending on so that you can sleep are not celebrating today. People like pilots, surgeons and ice cream truck operators. We need these people to stay awake and alert.

Romantic Moon In Starry Night Over Clouds

But for the rest of us, it’s a day that we can finally catch up on all that sleep we have missed out over the last couple of months. There is apparently no record of who started this holiday, probably because everyone slept through it.

How to celebrate – Get some sleep! Take a nap. When you do wake up, take the time to smell the roses.

August 10th Lazy Day

You don’t have to do anything today! Well, that is, unless you have to go to work, cook dinner, watching the kids, write blogs, drive somewhere, get out of bed, etc., etc., etc.. It is Lazy Day. Over the years I have mastered the art of being lazy… but yes, I have had to work at it!


Finding ways to cross off that list of “to do” by doing nothing at all. Of course, even crossing something off the list is work itself. You have to find the list, find a pen or pencil and cross off the item on your list. If you are truly having a lazy day that could take hours if you work it right. And never commit that list to memory… you can not claim “I forgot it” if you spent all that time and effort memorizing it.


If you spend the day on the water, use tubes that support you so you don’t have to work at swimming, and always start up river so you can float down to where you want to go instead of having to paddle.

images (1)

Now that I think about it I realize it takes a lot of work prior to having a Lazy Day. You have to have everything preset so that you can truly be lazy! Food, drink and entertainment all have to be within reach otherwise you will have to work to go get it. Or, you could hire a butler or maid for the day to do the work for you… just make sure they don’t realize it is Lazy Day.

images (2)

So you might want to keep today a secret to yourself. If others know it is Lazy Day you probably won’t be able to get them to do all the stuff you want them to do for you. In fact you shouldn’t even be reading this blog, after all it is Lazy Day and reading, sometimes, can be work.

How to celebrate – Don’t do anything! Pre-plan for your Lazy Day. Go back to bed.

January 3rd Festival of Sleep Day

Most of us lose a lot of sleep over the holidays. The Surgeon General has stated that sleep is important for people. Well duh! Today is the day to make up for all that lost sleep. Naturally if you are driving somewhere or at work you may want to wait until you get home but then grab your favorite Teddy Bear and get to work!… err ah…. sleep!


Of course history is filled with great sleepers. Rip Van Winkle instantly comes to mind. Poor guy, who was just a little lazy, went off to sleep in the woods to get away from his nagging wife (there is obviously more to this story). When he did finally wake, everything, and everybody around him had changed.


And of course Sleeping Beauty who’s life changed as well when she finally woke. 


And of course there were these guys, who never could afford three beds. And their snoring noises are legendary! I suppose it was alright for them, they seemed to get a lot of sleep but no one around them did.


Well, you don’t have to be a genius to figure out how to celebrate this day and while it might not be the most exciting day of the year, it is well worth while.

How to celebrate – Get some sleep! Paint eyes on your eye lids so everyone thinks you are awake when you are actually sleeping. Let sleeping dogs lie.