April 22nd National Jelly Bean Day

Ronald Reagan loved jelly beans. Actually, most people love jelly beans, and what’s not to love!?! You can get nearly any flavor you like and even some you can’t describe. Jelly Beans were first created for Union troops during the American Civil War who could carry them with them for a quick snack and pick-me-up on their long marches. While the flavors were probably limited, the enjoyment wasn’t as Union soldiers enjoyed their treats by the handful.

How to celebrate – Studied the history of the Jelly Bean. Check out all the new flavors available. Keep a stash of Jelly Beans available for friends and family.


January 19th National Popcorn Day

If you want a healthy snack, consider popcorn. Of course that does not include putting a lot of butter and cheese on it, which naturally makes it better. Popcorn apparently has been around since at least 3,600 BCE with factions found in Mexico. (Shows how long popcorn can last!) Though there are a lot of popcorn holidays, this one was created in 2016 or maybe 2015, no one seems to know nor do I think anyone really cares! And it’s not really a National Day, it just sounds better to call it that!

How to celebrate – Make some popcorn, Go to the movies. Make your own new topping for your popcorn!

December 18th Bake Cookies Day

There is nothing like cookies baking to warm up a household or brighten a day. They speak their own language that practically everyone understands. There are hundred of different cookies you can bake, thousands of different flavors and as many different shapes as you can think up. So spend the day baking cookies, open the windows and let the smell waft out, there is some reason somewhere to celebrate something with a handful of warm cookies and a glass of cold milk.

How to celebrate – Bake some cookies. Take some cookies to a neighbor, Visit a bakery for ideas.

December 8th National Brownie Day

If you are looking for a a sweet that both fills and satisfies, look no further… it’s a brownie. Served with a tall cold glass of milk or maybe even a little ice cream, a brownie is one of the worlds most favorite treats. It can be served with nuts, or with out, it can be a regular brownie or a blonde brownie, or is capable of being whatever you want it to be! Most of all, it is a treat that few turn away and most are over joyed to receive.

How to celebrate – Make some brownies. Throw a brownie party with as many varieties as you can think of. Visit your favorite restaurant that serves a brownie as a desert.

August 2nd National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Hey, why not have a sandwich today for a snack, oh and make it an ice cream sandwich so you can cool down at the same time! The original ice cream sandwich is credited to Jerry Newberg who served them up to the baseball fans at Pittsburgh’s Forbes Field in 1945. I am sure he deserves the credit but I’d bet the ice cream sandwich was invented by someone long before then. But who cares? As long as we offer up another reason to have an ice cream sandwich!

How to celebrate – Have an ice cream sandwich. Create your own version of an ice cream sandwich. Compare several boxes of ice cream sandwich’s to see which one you like best.

April 28th Cracker Day

April 28th Cracker Day

Who doesn’t like a good cracker? They go with practically every food, are great for soups and dips and can serve as an emergency meal if required.  The cracker seems to have been around for nearly as long as man has been eating. Crackers, called Hardtack, was a main staple of soldiers during the Civil War in both the Federal side and the Confederate side. There are basically three types of crackers, Soda Crackers, Graham Crackers and Snack Crackers.

How to celebrate – Set up a cracker tasting party. Make a charcuterie board. Figure out what a charcuterie board is.

December 2nd National Fritters Day

Today we eat fritters or we don’t eat at all! And if you do eat fritters you can eat a lot of them and just fritter the day away! Friiters are nothi more than dough or a cake like substance that can hold either meat or fruit inside making a tasty meal or dessert. They are generally deep fried, which means they aren’t all that healthy but boy do they taste good! Maybe you can make some turkey fritters to use up any of that left over Thanksgiving meal you might haver left. You can even make veggie fritters, I suppose, if you have a mind to! And you need not fritter about what to eat tomorrow because what fritters you don’t eat today youy can probably have tomorrow!

How to celebrate – Make some fritters! Get a deep fryer. Create a new fritter dessert for the holidays.

December 2nd Business Of Popping Corn Day

If you are as old as I am you can remember popping corn over a stove or fire in a special tin pan. It was fun once it started popping but not something you could make a living with. So C. Cretor & Company made their own popping corn machine so he could make enough for larger parties and conventions. He invented a steam operated machine that popped corn for him in 1885. He received the patent for it in 1893 and went on to maker a successful business with his machine that could also roast peanuts, roast coffee beans and bake chestnuts. Why does this fall on December 2nd? Who knows, who cares, but we celebrate the business of popping corn today.

How to celebrate – Pop some popcorn. Roast some chestnuts. Buy a popcorn popping machine to keep the tradition alive.

April 18th National Animal Crackers Day

April 18th National Animal Crackers Day

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my… oh and Elephants too. These were the most common early on animal crackers. Animal crackers have been a child favorite snack since the 1800’s when they were produced and exported from the UK. Eventually they began to be produced in the US as well and in 1902 they featured  the Barnum’s and Bailey’s Circus Wagon as a container with circus animals making up the majority of the critters inside. They even became popular for children’s Bingo chips at one point. Today Nabisco makes the Animal Crackers we all know and love. Of course, there are numerous animals now and the circus wagon has become a thing of the past. There are new and different flavors to try along with the shapes but they still remain one of children’s favorite snacks of all times.

How to celebrate – Buy some Animal Crackers. Learn how to make your own animal crackers. Try playing Animal Crackers Bingo!

March 11th Popcorn Lover’s Day

You can’t go to the movies without wanting popcorn. (That is if you can even get in the theater) Popcorn has become a world wide treat that if you serve without all the butter and extra toppings isn’t all that bad for you! Of course, most of us like it that way. Today was created by Bob Matthews of Rochester, NY in 2012. It is always the 2nd Thursday of the month to celebrate Bob, and his wife, having popcorn every Thursday as a snack. The original date was in January but somehow it got changed to March, maybe the popper wasn’t working right.

How to celebrate – Have some popcorn! Try out all the new salts and flavorings you can add to popcorn these days. Have popcorn while watching you favorite home movies.