March 4th National Snack Day

So, who doesn’t like to snack!?! Snacks can be practically anything you eat in-between meals. They can be sweet, salty, even meat, cheese and veggies, the only important part of it is, you eat it between meals! Sometimes it helps re-energize you at work, or if you are running a race or if you just simply wear out during a long day. A snack can refresh you and get you back on your feet again! It can also be very, very bad for you if you eat the wrong things. Try and snack healthy, like fruits or vegetables, you’ll feel better and stay slimmer.

How to celebrate – Make up a list of your favorite snacks. Get snacks that are good for you, not fattening. Carry a snack with you if you run out of energy in the middle of the day.


November 23rd National Cashew Day

There really isn’t much to say about cashews except they seem to be many people’s favorite nut. They are a little sweeter than most nuts may be the reason why, maybe it’s the shape, maybe it’s something else entirely. They use the cashew in many Asian cooking dishes and it is even made into an expensive form of peanut butter. There are even some Thanksgiving dressing that feature the cashew and since tomorrow is Thanksgiving…. well, you might want to try one… that is, if you like cashews.

How to celebrate – Look up recipes using cashews. Have a bowl of cashews available to snack on. Invent your own cashew dish.

March 15th National Peanut Lovers Day

National Peanut Lovers Day – March 15th

Who doesn’t love a peanut!?! Well, I guess the people allergic to them don’t care much for them but they have been a staple of American diet over the years. The peanut is a major source of protein, and of course, it isn’t a nut… it’s a legume. So you are actually eating something from the pea family, not a nut. Hence the name Pea-nut! It is suggested that you enjoy the Jumbo Roasted Peanut, the Buffalo Peanut, Peanut Butter Cups, Blister Peanuts and Peanut Brittle for today.

How to celebrate – Read about George Washington Carver. Have some peanuts (if you aren’t allergic to them). Discover all the food dishes that contain peanuts.

April 26th National Pretzel Day

Today is a day we can really sink our teeth into. It’s National Pretzel Day, hurrah! Well, hurrah for those of us who like pretzels. Hard or soft, with or without mustard, cheese or any topping  you prefer. They are pretty good without any topping either.


Pretzels first came on the scene apparently in Southern France around 610 AD. Monks were trying to make what would look like children’s hands praying by baking thin strips of dough twisted into the shape of praying hands. I’m not sure they got it but what they did start was probably the world’s first snack treat!


Since then, pretzels seem to appear in nearly any shape to can imagine, even the boring straight thin kind. (They are still pretty good but not as much fun.) They go great with beer or soda, or nearly any beverage of your choice.  Better yet, when served plain, they aren’t all that fattening either!


Now if you have a pretzel factory, or place or store or whatever you call it, they often give away free pretzels today to celebrate. Or if you prefer, you can even make your own by using this recipe.


How to celebrate – Have a pretzel! Go to a baseball game and…. have a pretzel! Have a pretzel party with different shapes and dips or toppings.

January 22nd National Blonde Brownie Day

Today is another of those very important bizarre holidays, it’s National Blonde Brownie Day! You probably have gone through most of your life wondering why you had to have brown brownies. Disappointed, you continued to eat the brown brownie all the while wishing you had an option… well now you do!


Life is so much better having choices and maybe we can finally get an answer to that age old question, do blondes really have more fun!?! Well, I am not sure you will get that answer from a brownie but it’s worth the effort to try. With each bite you can wait for the answer while washing down that brownie with a cold glass of milk.


Now don’t go nuts trying to figure it out, although nuts might make your blonde brownie even better. If you aren’t exactly sure what a blonde brownie is, here’s a recipe for you. Isn’t a blonde brownie a little bit of a contradiction in terms though? And with all the varieties of food coloring these days can’t you really have any color brownie you set your mind to!?!


How to celebrate – Have a brownie today, make sure it’s a blonde one though. Make a regular brownie and a blonde one and see which disappears quicker.  Use food coloring to make your blonde brownie whatever color you choose.

July 21st National Junk Food Day

Today is all about comfort food. You know, the stuff you aren’t supposed to have but you want to anyway, you may even crave it. Ice cream, candy bars, cookies, french fries, pie, cake, pizza, milk shakes, pudding… physically we would all be so much better off if they didn’t exist, but we would also be so much sadder at the same time.


When you look at it in mass it doesn’t even look inviting but piece by piece, bag by bag, oh the wonders of how it supposedly makes us feel. That instant sigh of relief of finally having something sweet, or salty, particularly when we have had a bad day.

images (3)

It’s too bad that celery isn’t thought of as a junk food because we would probably like it better. After all, it’s what’s in our mind that makes us lean to junk. It’s something fast and easy to make or grab, something we do not have to think about hours before we want, it or spend a day and a half preparing it before we can eat it.


After all, it’s easier to grab a hamburger somewhere than it is to fix a meatloaf at home (although in some cases meatloaf is considered junk food). It is all in your mind. A raw carrot tastes just as good as an ice cream sandwich but there is something about the ice cream sandwich that comforts us, that is, until we try to get rid of the extra weight too many ice cream sandwiches have caused us to gain.


Some say today was created by the health conscious to make fun of, and ridicule those junk food junkies of us. The funny thing about that is, it’s backfired on them because it’s the one day they can’t really complain about what we are eating, and they created it!

How to celebrate – Make a list of your favorite junk foods. Make every meal of the day a junk food meal (start at McDonald’s for breakfast, Wendy’s for lunch and Burger King for supper). Go for a jog with a bag of french fries!