December 27th Make Cutout Snowflakes Day

If you live in the north this may not be a day that appeals to you much because you get snow and what’s the point of making cutout snowflakes? Right? Well, in the south, where snow is rare, we like to see those flakes but don’t normally get to see them. Admittedly, laying a bunch of paper or material out in the yard isn’t real appealing but hey, a snowflake is a snowflake… right? Or maybe you can just put those snowflakes on the windows and pretend it is snowing outside every time you look out.

How to celebrate – Cut out some snowflakes. Make snowflakes and send them to your friends. Save your snowflakes for the summer to cool your house down.

December 27th Make A Cut Out Snowflake Day

Snowflakes, no two are alike… unless you cut them out of paper and make them yourself! When I worked for a school this use to be a favorite activity to keep kids quiet but as we never had kids on December 27th, we never celebrated this day. So maybe this is a day for parents to find something to do with their kids after the newness has worn off the gifts they got for Christmas. In the south they can remind us of what snow looks like and in the north… well, they may not need any more snowflakes but who cares, it keeps the kids busy! If you didn’t get snow for Christmas this year maybe you can cover your yard in these kinds of snowflakes! Probably not a real good idea.

How to celebrate – Cut out some snowflakes. Figure out what you are going to do with all those snowflakes. Come up with other winter symbols you can cut out just for something different.

December 27th Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day

Well if you live in a warmer climate then this day may be very important to you, its Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day. If you are in a region where it snows a lot you may want to ignore today, you probably have a lot of snow already. But if you need to create that look of snow this could be an important day for you. Naturally I do not propose you put these snowflakes in your yard, it doesn’t really look like snow as it resembles more of a garbage dump site than a field covered in snow.

How to celebrate – Make some paper snowflakes. Go outside and play in the snow if you have any. Go back to bed and wait for winter to end.

December 27th Make Cutout Snowflakes Day

Did it snow for Christmas for you? Here in Florid it rarely snows, and even if it does it doesn’t stick around long enough to enjoy it. (Yes I know many of you up north do not enjoy the shoveling of the snow and the driving conditions it creates) But there is something beautiful about snow.


So for those of us that don’t get snow, making snow is the only option. Of course, most snowflakes we make are made out of paper and therefore do not hold up well in the rain. The main idea of a snowflake is that just like people, no two are exactly the same. So when you are making your snowflakes you need to keep this in mind.


Since the kids are out of school for the holidays (We aren’t allowed to call it Christmas anymore) this will give them something to do. The newness of the Christmas toys is probably over anyway and they need to be kept busy.

images (2)

Now you can create your own way of making snowflakes. It really doesn’t matter. The point is not to make two of them the same. You can then hang them from the ceiling with different lengths of string and make it look like it is snowing all season long!

images (3)

Every time you walk into the room where they are hanging and smile, remembering who and how they were created.

How to celebrate – Cut out some snowflakes. Pick a room to hang them from. Make them out of paper that glows in the dark.

December 27th Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day

There is nothing like snow. Well, maybe ice and frost, but not much else.  And it is the season for snow, the real kind. But if you live in the south you don’t normally see a lot of the white stuff from nature, so today is the day to make your own.322ff146f46cdcd88f029e1685e57459--paper-snowflake-patterns-snowflake-designs

Now I wouldn’t suggest trying to ski on it, or even build a snowman, in fact I probably wouldn’t even put it outside. However, when you make your own snowflakes you are showing your individuality just as with every snowflake that falls. No two should be perfectly alike, even if you have to make slight variations on purpose.


They don’t even have to look like traditional fake snowflakes, or as I like to call them… snowfakes. The good thing about them is that you don’t have to go out and shovel them, unless you really go to the extreme, and they aren’t wet, at least let us hope they aren’t wet.


Your snowflakes though should be just like ever person you know, no one exactly the same. In fact you could even create snowflakes and give them a personality like the people you know. A little warped, tiny, extra large, twisted… whatever you like!


So let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! So long as you have paper and scissors, you can make as many as you want!

How to celebrate – Get busy, cut out a bunch of snowflakes. They don’t have to be made from paper either, they could be chalk, paint or any substance you want to use! (Though I do advise keeping it legal. Name each snowflake you make.