March 21st Tea For Two Day

We all know the song “Tea For Two”, we all know the Brits love their tea and since no one really likes to “tea” alone the idea of sharing that afternoon tea is more of less a tradition. Even little girls, or boys, who like yo have tea parties would prefer a really human sit across the table from them instead of the dolls. Ah the social graces so often forgotten these days. Visiting back to a time when spending a part of the afternoon in conversation over a cup of tea and perhaps a cookie or two. I think we could still learn something from that. Today was created by Holiday Insights in 2016 and put on the 3rd Tuesday of March.

How to celebrate – Throw a tea party. Make some fresh cookies. Invite a friend to share it.


March 18th Awkward Moments Day

We all have them so why not celebrate them!?! Those awkward moments when you don;t exactly know why something happened but it did, it’s embarrassing and, oh well.. it happens! Those times when we don;t know exactly what to say, when to say something… if anything… and who to say it to. Instead of hiding away, you might as well enjoy them (As best you can) laugh at yourself and realize that everyone makes mistakes so you might as well make the best of them.

How to celebrate – Write down your awkward moments so you remember them. Watch for others to make their awkward moments. Live and let live.