March 8th International (Working) Women’s Day

Today is an extension of Women’s Day first celebrated in February of 1908. The first Working Women’s Day was celebrated in 1911 having been found by social and rights groups out of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. It is sponsored by the United Nations though they had nothing to do with the founding of it. I believe women should be honored, working or not, for all they contribute to life! Working is relative because raising children and keeping a household in order is just as tough a job as any n the face of earth. But since so many, men and women, do not consider that a job, here’s to the women that work for a living! And yes, they should receive equal to, or greater than, what men receive.

How to celebrate – Celebrate women’s rights. Thank the working women in your life. Join the equal rights movement.

All is Ours Day

We go through life thinking about, trying to earn and trying to keep what is “mine”. We struggle to keep up with the “Jones” or think we have to have things that make us happier, at least happier than the next person. The funny thing is, we are generally happier when we are allowed to share things, like with family and friends, and then it’s not so much about what “I” have as what “we” share and enjoy. It’s all on how you look at things and whether those things are “mine” or “ours”.

How to celebrate – Learn to share. Stop looking for how you can improve “Me” and look for how you can make things better for “Us”. Watch “This Is Us”.

November 12th Chicken Soup For The Soul Day

The secret to life is knowing where you are, where you have been, where you are going and who you will be thankful for helping you get where ever that is, was and will be. Sounds simple enough but how many of us actually know where we are or how we got there? Now I don’t mean literally. It’s all about our soul and the answer to that is much more complicated. Our soul is led by what we believe in, who we believe in and what we will believe in the future. We can lead, be led or go randomly into the night. To me, this entire country, if not the world, needs some good old chicken soup… the cure for every illness because so much of this world is sick and needs healing.

How to celebrate – Figure out why you believe in what you believe in. Learn whether your thoughts are your own or someone else’s. Accept yourself without input from anyone else.

October 29th Hermit Day

If you are tired of functioning in polite society maybe it’s time you give being a hermit a try. It’s actually pretty easy to do. Find a remote spot no one else knows about, don’t interact with anyone, don’t go to shop (Live off the land), don’t go to movies or the theater. Lose the internet, drop your phone into a canyon somewhere, don’t spend or earn money…. this is the life of a hermit. Now I know, there are times where this sounds like a really good idea but most of us cannot live that way, even more of us don’t want to live that way… but maybe for one day it’s not so bad. And today is the day. There have been a lot of hermits over time, most we have never heard of, primarily because they don’t want us to hear them! They think great thoughts, maybe even come up with the salvation of mankind… who knows? They never told us. (Or maybe we never heard them if they did tell us) If we all were hermits there would be no wars, no climate change, no politics… no love, no family and probably the earth would have died off centuries ago.

How to celebrate – List all the famous hermits you know. (This does not include the Herman Hermits) Get away from everyone and everything just for today. Learn to enjoy life as you live it.

November 21st World Hello Day

Today was created by Brian and Michael McCormack in an effort to show how much better the world could be if we all just stopped and said hello to each other. It was 1973 and war was raging between Egypt and Israel and the idea was “greet ten people for peace”.


I think, for what it’s worth, that saying hello to everyone you see is a great idea. It certainly doesn’t cost you much and who knows what you might find out about someone else, and yourself, by simply saying hello.


I watch most people walk around with their heads down, refusing to look up and make eye contact with another person. Maybe it’s because they said hello to someone, or looked someone int the eye and something went wrong. Or maybe we are afraid they might want something from us.


Take the handshake. It came out of ancient days when a friendship was forged with an enemy, or possible enemy. One would extend their hand showing they had no weapon in it, the other would do the same. Far too often today the handshake begins the problems. We look at the person we are shaking hands with as someone who should give their all for our cause… not just to show they aren’t going to try and kill us. Maybe we are looking for too much.

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I wonder how many simple “hellos” might lead us to something more if we just tried. After all, every friend you have today started with a… “hello”.

How to celebrate – Say hello to at least ten people today. (Better strangers than friends you have already) Say hello to someone you haven’t talked to in years. Learn “hello” in several languages and great people with their native language.

October 25th Punk For A Day Day

Oh boy, here’s one of my favorite days of the year! (Not really) It’s Punk For A Day Day! Fortunately we do not have to honor Punks, we just need to pretend we are one for the day. We can dress up, put on fake tattoos and act like we hate everybody… but just for the day.


You have lots of choices, Punk Doctor, Punk Model, Punk Chef… of course the most natural is a Punk Rocker. And… the upside of the day… you don’t really need any talent to do it! The idea is to show your anger at society and bash a lot of stuff around you. The bashing part is probably the most important part.

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Of course looking different is a key… however all the punk people look the same so I am not sure that proves anything. There definitely is a statement being made. The piercings alone tell us a lot. I am not sure what that statement is, nor am I sure I want to know what it is. Perhaps it’s simply, “it’s the only way anyone will ever see me”.


Of course where ever we have punks we have those who want to rid the world of punks. I believe everyone has the right to make a statement, so long as it doesn’t stop anyone else choice of choosing for themselves. Punks are generally thought of as thugs and bangers… so be careful of the company you keep.


It is generally believed that Punk started in the UK. Sort of ironic in a society that professes calm and consideration.  Maybe that’s why Steam Punk is so big today… it’s showing your displeasure for society while looking like you might be a vampire from the mid-1800’s!

How to celebrate – Go Punk for the day. Remember to use the fake tattoos or you may regret them later on. It makes no sense piercing something that no one sees… it doesn’t make much more sense piercing something that can be seen.