October 16th Dictionary Day

I am always amused how those of us who are terrible at spelling are always told to look up a word in the dictionary to get the proper spelling, but you also need to know how to spell the word to find it in the dictionary! I guess that will never change. Today is the anniversary of Noah Webster’s birthday, October 16th, 1758. He started writing it when he was 43 and it took him 27 years to complete his draft and publish it. Naturally, it has had words added and revisions made but overall it’s still pretty much the book he wrote.

How to celebrate – Read the dictionary for fun! Try to learn a new word a day. Look at the difference in older dictionaries and newer ones.


March 8th National Proofreading Day

For those of us that never make mictakes proofreading is not recuired. Of course we may still make tipos but then they should be easy to cee. Oh come on… you expected that didn’t you!?! Most of our mistakes are because of simple things, like not paying attention to what we are doing but since we have made the original mistake we are also likely to miss any correction required. That is why a proofreader get paid as much as they do.


Although I have to admit I am always surprised just how bad the media is getting with the typos and mistakes that are submitted to the public. I guess they are so concerned with getting something out so fast that they fail to recognize the mistakes they make… either that or they have no proofreader, or a very bad proofreader.


However, theses are supposed to be professional writers (At least they get paid to be professional) you would think they could do better. Even major editors are making numerous mistakes that get by the army of proofreader’s they have, or should have. When I see something out of order in an article it makes me question whether the information being offered is correct or not. If they did not check the article for spelling and typos then I doubt they spent the time checking it for facts as well.


Now everyone makes mistakes but some are expected not to, like writers. That is why Judy Beaver created this day in 2011, or rather why her mother more-or-less forced her to create this day. For further information you can read more about it at…nationalproofreadingday.com.


How to celebrate – You can at least try to proofread your own materials whether you are a professional or not. Those little lines that form under the words as you type on the computer means something is wrong! Count how many mistakes you see today in something that is supposed to be professionally written.