November 14th National Spicy Guacamole Day

November 14th National Spicy Guacamole Day

The Avocado was probably first used by the Aztec in Mexico thousands of years ago. Over the years just eating avocado got boring to some, not me, so they began to add things to avocados. Tomatoes, onions, lemon juice, chili, yogurt added to avocados is the start of guacamole. Add something like Jalapeno and all the sudden you’ve got spicy guacamole! Now I am not sure why we need a special day to celebrate spicy guacamole but since we have one, we might as well use it!

How to celebrate – Make some spicy guacamole today. Throw a party, with your family only, and see who can make the spiciest guacamole. Plant an avocado tree.

September 7th National Salami Day

If you are having a party, celebration or if it’s the holidays there must be some salami around the house. Those spicy sausages normally cut into cubes and served on a toothpick with equally cube cheese of some sort. As I understand it the level of spicy depends on your taste, from mild to hot. Now there is no reason you can’t have salami at any time, it just normally seems to be reserved for special occasions. You might need a breath mint after eating it though.

How to celebrate – Have some salami. Invent your own holiday so you can have salami. Learn how to make your own salami.

April 19th National Garlic Day

Used in nearly every dish imaginable, garlic does deserve it’s own day. It is a flavor that adds to nearly anything it touches, it is healthy and it chases away vampires. What else can you expect from an herb!?! It is so widely used that it is difficult to find hardly any dishes that do not contain garlic. I have a sister and niece who are allergic to garlic and it is nearly impossible to take them out to dinner. It does add a great deal of flavor to what might be a rather bland meal otherwise.

How to celebrate – Have some garlic! Check the ingredients of your favorite dishes to see if they contain garlic. Become a vampire hunter making sure you have garlic with you.