June 2nd National Bubba Day

We’ve all known someone named Bubba. Well, actually I haven’t except for those Bubba’s in sports or the movies. They are generally thought of as not overly bright, large in stature and always very friendly. Now any Bubba’s you know may meet none of this description but we have to come up with some sort of description don’t we? Maybe not, maybe our preconceived notions are just meant to be challenged. Still, I’ve never heard of Dr. Bubba or President Bubba. I sometimes wonder if we wouldn’t be better if we did have a President Bubba though!

How to celebrate – Think of all the people you know named Bubba. Watch Forest Gump. Is there a character in Star Wars named Bubba?

September 5th Street Soccer Day

September 5th Street Soccer Day


Since soccer is the world’s most popular sport it is not surprising that in most countries, it is played in the street. Kids everywhere learn to play individually and as a team mate where ever they can and since flat surface is general preferred, the street makes sense.


Though the date changes every year, this year it falls on September 5th. It comes as the vision of Vince Ganzberg from Indiana. Of course you have to watch out for traffic, and falling isn’t always the best idea, at least it gets kids out from behind their video games!


How to celebrate – Play some soccer! Join in an organized program today. Block off a street so kids can play safely.

June 21st Go Skate Day

Today we celebrate the skateboard. Remember when we actually use to walk to where we were going? Or maybe we’d roller skate, which sort of gave way to riding bikes. Now the idea seems to be riding the skateboard.

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I mean it’s really cool. And, you get to do all those tricks along the way. We’ve even built mini-stadiums to make getting where we are going a little harder! It’s even become a professional sport!


I do admire what they can do, those that are good enough that they actually handle the skateboard show that it is an art. We do need to remember though, that it began as a means of transportation. Of course “Back To The Future” really promoted the idea of the skateboard. And the hover board, thought to be impossible, turns out to be possible! Of course it does catch on fire a lot but that’s a minor disappointment.

images (1)

Personally, I can’t even stand on a skateboard let alone ride one.  I also am not sure of it’s true value as a means of transportation because what do you do with when you aren’t riding it? If you park it, believe me… it will be gone when you come back and have you ever tried to lock one of those things up? Doesn’t work real well.


But they are fun and give one a great workout! (Even if like me that workout mainly involves getting back up off the ground) Today was created by the International Association of Skateboard Companies or IASC.  Better known as GSD, cause we have to shorten everything today, it is a day well worth celebrating… even if you don’t know exactly why!

How to celebrate – Learn how to skateboard. Learn what makes one skateboard better than another. Design a new type of skateboard.

April 21st Husband Appreciation Day

Okay, so I know there may not always be a lot to appreciate when a man is involved but give him today, the one and only Husband Appreciation Day. Look past all his faults, things he does wrong and dates he forgets and appreciate him for who he is… an imperfect, flawed human being.

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Let him have a day where he can watch his sports and not be interrupted by those annoying little things like, the roof is falling in, it’s your anniversary or the lawn needs to be mowed. They are trivial today.


Get him some beer to enjoy while he is watching his sports on television. Don;t make him get up and go get it for himself, he might miss something important like a really cool fight or an interception during a baseball game.


Feed him his favorite meal, even if you have to bar-b-que it yourself. Just think of the fun you can have watching him chow down, drink a beer, dressed in his underwear while watching sports on television!


And when the game is over and he’s eaten his fill and drank more than a months worth of beer, offer him the one thing he really wants. Yourself! Show just how much you appreciate him! And remember, tomorrow can always be pay back day!

How to celebrate – Appreciate your husband for all he does, or doesn’t, do the 364 other days of the year. Forgive him all his faults for one day.  Go on vacation so you can forget about today!

April 19th National High-Five Day

Load them up! It’s the day to give everyone you come on contact with a “High-Five”! It may be followed by a low five after the proper application of a high five first. Though the date does very, it always falls on the 3rd Saturday of April.


It is said the first high five came on the basketball court during a game in 1977. Personally I think it may have been an attempted block of a shot after it had already left the hand of the shooter. None the less, once started it quickly went nation wide to both athletes as well as the common person on the street. The day became unofficially official in 2002 when students at the University of Virginia proclaimed the day.


Conor Lastowka, Sam Miotke and Wynn Walent are responsible for creating the day, probably by celebrating with high-fives themselves! It seems to have become very common place these days, sometimes celebrating winning or making a good attempt while losing.

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Of course you can pout your own creative addition to the traditional high-five. Finger waves, dances and words of encouragement add to the celebration but let us not forget what it is truly about, skin on skin. The fist bump is slowly over taking the high-five but I don’t think it will ever totally take over because it hurts!


Even animals are getting into the act. I doubt they know why but they are cute doing it anyway, naturally extended claws take away from the over all joy of the celebration.

How to celebrate – High-five everyone you see today! (Unless one of them happened to be Captain Hook) Create your own unique high-five celebration. Try and get your pet fish to give you a fin-five!

February 25th Winter Olympic Games

In case you decided to take your vacation to Mars this month I am reporting that today is the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. It all started February 9th, and ends today, February 25th.

Alpine Skiing - Day 9

This year has had the normal rises and the normal falls, the ups and downs and created new heroes. It has seen the beginnings, maybe, of a better relationship between North and South Korea and openly gay athletes making their declarations.

2018 Winter Olympic Games - Opening Ceremony

We have seen shirtless flag bearers, nothing new, and people from other countries around the world competing in a lot of sports many of us have never heard of, or know how to play. It is maybe the only place on earth where people from different countries get along with each other.

Speedskater with American Flag-Carousel

These were the XXIII games with the next Winter Olympics coming to Beijing, China in 2022.  Whether you take pride in your country, or marvel at the ability of other countries to produce stars, the Olympic Games normally offer the best the world has to offer, something you would think we could learn from.

How to celebrate – Watch the closing ceremonies. Support local athlete’s already starting to train for the next Winter Olympics. Watch the Summer Olympics coming up in 2 years in Tokyo.

June 24th Swim A Lap Day

It’s hot, one of the best ways to cool down is to jump into a pool of nice refreshing water. It’s also good for you too, in many ways it’s better exercise than jogging and with less wear and tear on your body!


There are seven tips to becoming a better swimmer. 1.) Start slow. (For those of you who like to cannon-ball your way into swimming. 2.) Exhale while your head is underwater. 3.) Inhale when it is above water. (Ah, hello!) 4.) Each out as far as you can with one arm while rolling your head to the opposite side for breathing. 5.)Kick with your legs slightly bent at the knee but as straight as  possible. 6.) Point your toes. (Because you never know when a dance instructor may come by.) 7.) Push your chest down while stroking (That sounds perverted).


I have decided there are seven more to pay close attention to as well. 1.) Do not swim while holding a cannon ball. 2.) Never choose a shark as your swimming buddy. 3.) Drinking straws should never replace a real snorkel. 4.) Do not try swimming the breaststroke in a bathtub. 5.) Always swim in the company of others. This does not include me, myself and I as your three friends. 6.) Make sure there is water in the pool before diving in. 7.) Do not swim in a business suit.


Seriously though, swimming is good for you and a great way to cool down.  Just be safe and do not tempt our limits too far.


How to celebrate – Enjoy the water but when you start to prune it’s time to get out. If you don’t have a pool, make a friend with someone who does. Get a shovel and start digging your own pool.

January 7th Bobble Head Day

January 7th Bobble Head Day


We all know bobble heads today of our favorite celebrities, often not as flattering as they were intended. They are favorite give away at sporting events and are quite collectable and in some cases very valuable.


The original bobble heads came from China and history reveals appeared in a famous painting of Queen Charlotte as early as 1765.


In fact, many of the royal families found them both entertaining and fashionable.


How to celebrate – Create your own bobble head! Start collecting bobble heads. Visit a museum that features bobble heads.

September 29th VFW Day

I asked a young man the other day what the VFW was. At first he thought it was a car, then realized he was wrong, he said, it was the place where old guys go to eat dinner. It’s sad to think that our future leaders might not even know who the Veterans of Foreign Wars are, particularly when they are the reason that we haven’t had war here in the states since 1812 (aside from the Civil War but that was a civil affair).

These brave men and women meet the enemy on soil away from America to keep them from coming to America. Oh, and they aren’t all old!


Formed by the Veterans of the Spanish-American War/Philippine War on September 29th, 1899, the VFW has been a part of America ever since. Their charge is to promote patriotism, create good will, and provide youth scholarships. They provide support for military service, community service, and promote youth activities.


They share a common bond, having served their country, by going somewhere they didn’t want to go, and doing a job they didn’t want to do. Now they come back home and do what they can to make others lives better for the country they already gave to. That’s a pretty honorable group if you ask me. They already gave, and now they give even more. And the rest of us seem to forget who they are, and what they have done.


There was a movie not long ago called, “A Band Of Brothers”, it was about men who served in World War 2. When the War was over, I can only imagine, when they came home they did not simply forget each other. When many of the Vietnam Vets came back they were met with cruelty and disgrace. That shame belongs to all of us… they were just doing their job. And yet forget about how we treated them, they came back here and have helped our youth, provided support for other veterans, and aided in rebuilding communities. How much of that have you done?


It’s time we honored them, more than just one day, but if that’s all you can offer, at least offer the best you can on them, they have already done so for you. Their motto is, “To honor the dead by helping the living.”

How to celebrate – See what you can do for one of your local VFW’s. Thank any soldier you see for their service.  Remember those who gave everything so you could live everything.