January 26th Spouse’s Day

After you have been married for a while we all come to expect things from our spouse that they normally do, or always have done. These are often things very important to our lives, our routine and even our lives but we tend to forget to thank them for all they do. Maybe today should be that day. Sometimes it’s not even about thanking them, though we should, it’s as much about recognizing just how much we need them in our lives and how hard it would be to live without them. Sometimes they do things they don’t even know they are doing to make our lives easier because they have been doing it for so long. So spend the day with your spouse, and do something special for them. After-all, they are the one you chose to spend your life with.

How to celebrate – Thank your spouse for all they do. Spend some time alone with your spouse just doing nothing. So something special for your spouse to let them know you love them.


January 26th Spouse’s Day

Today is one of the many days we are supposed to pay attention to our spouses. Actually we should do that all the time anyway but I suppose the occasional reminder doesn’t hurt. It goes along with Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, first date dates, favorite songs, favorite colors, ah… just add today to the list and to protect yourself just make every day spouse’s day!

How to celebrate – Find things about your spouse that you admire and remind yourself of them every time you get mad at them. Be thankful for your spouse. Send your spouse a thank you card.

January 26th Spouses Day

Remember all that effort you use to put into Valentine’s Day? Well most of that came before you got married. So how about afterwards? That’s sort of what Spouses Day is. It lets you reflect how much you still love that person and how much they really mean to you. I’m as guilty as the next person of letting a lot of that romance go, and with it Valentine’s Day is a good reminder of all the effort before marriage. Spouses Day is a day to think about all they continue to do for you, and you for them.

How to celebrate – Take your spouse to lunch today. Plan a romantic get away for today. Just spend time with your mate.

January 26th Spouse’s Day

We don’t give our spouse’s the attention we should. We often take for granted that they will always be there after the honeymoon is over. Well today is for letting them know that we do love them, think about them more than they might be aware of and want them to get everything they want. It’s easy to accept someone being there after number of years. We begin to think alike, talk alike and even (In some cases) look alike. The truth is, we are very different people and deserve to be a loved for who we truly are. Remember what attracted you to your spouse to begin with and take your relationship back to when it first began. You chose to spend your life with this person so choose to show them how much you enjoy them being there.

How to celebrate – Take your spouse somewhere special. Break out the pictures and travel back in time. Let your spouse know they are special.

January 26th National Spouse’s Day

Today is the day we celebrate our better half. You know, the one that puts up with everything we do wrong and hopefully still loves us the same for it. No one seems to know who created the day but I have a feeling it was someone in the dog house who wanted to find a great way of redeeming themselves. It also warms us up for Valentine’s Day.


From the moment you say I do you instantly begin saying… I should have, I won’t do it again, I’m sorry… and a lot of other things that you know you should have done differently, but for some unknown reason you didn’t.  But in the name of love, you put up with it and carry on, sometimes when you don’t even know what it is that you did that you shouldn’t have done.


None of us is perfect, we all make mistakes that we regret and need forgiveness from. The difference is, a spouse generally forgives us when others would not (though admittedly that is not always the case). We try to recognize our faults and correct them where we can, or learn to live with them if we can’t.


The main thing to remember is, that you love them, and life would be very difficult to live without them. Today goes deeper than a box of candy or a vase of flowers, today is a day of understanding someone’s faults and saying, they are still worth my effort to forgive them.

How to celebrate – Do something nice for your spouse. Write out a list of those things you have to be grateful to your spouse for. Think of the other person in your relationship before you think about yourself.

January 26th Spouses Day

Today is National Spouses Day (not to be confused with National Military Spouses Day). Today is the day we celebrate the person we have chosen to spend the rest of our lives with (hopefully).


When we are young, the appeal of someone else is obvious. Physical attraction normally comes first, followed by the sharing of ideals and dreams. We hope to grow with each other, sharing the joys, and sorrows, our mate feels. Every new experience brings us closer together, even some old experiences take on a different meaning than before when we experienced them by ourselves. It is the time of life when we go eyes-wide-open, expecting to share our lives completely with each other.

Senior man giving woman piggyback ride

As we grow older many of our dreams and interests have changed. Hopefully our spouse is experiencing the same things. This is a trying time, a time when we begin to feel time is running out for us to gather in the things in life we think we want. So we try even harder to grasp hold of the future and take what we want, need, and feel we deserve. If we have chosen the right mate, they will be experiencing the same thing. It can be a time when we grow closer than ever before, or we can grow further apart. Sometimes being defeated in what we think we want can lead us to something more important, what we really need. There is nothing more rewarding than finding out that the person we remember when we were both young will still be the person we share our challenges with gracefully. They will help us accept our limitations and advance ourselves into being someone better.


And if we are lucky to reach our senior years with our mate we will find a friend, and a lover, maybe not as attractive as we once were, certainly not as active as we once were, and a little more willing to let life lead us to where we are going than trying to shape it ourselves.

A spouse is someone we hope to have with us for life, for better and for worse, richer and poorer… till life do us part.

How to celebrate – No matter what stage of life you are in make sure your spouse knows you are happy they are the one that has experienced life with you. Don’t let a day go by without telling your spouse you love them. Let your spouse know daily what is right about them when it is so easy to find things that are wrong.