April 27th Tell A Story Day

Telling a story helps to pass along information, morals, ideas and goals in society. Some are good stories, some are bad but most have some redeeming value even if that is just entertaining someone. It is interesting that both the US and the UK celebrate this day but exactly six months apart from each other. In the US it is on April 27th, in the UK it s on October 7th. Maybe there’s a story in that!

How to celebrate – Tell someone a story today. Read a story today. Buy “Why The Evergreen’s Stay Green” on Amazon!


February 26th Tell A Fairy Tale Day

Cinderella, Snow White, The Prince and the Pauper are all Fairy Tales and they can be fun stories. They are generally thought of as children;s stories though they do not have to be. In fact, the Grimm brothers actually wrote their stories to try and scare children. So if that is the case, is not Frankenstein a Fairy Tale? Most Fairy Tales have a happy ending but that doesn’t mean it can’t be the monster’s happy ending!

How to celebrate – Tell someone a Fairy Tale today. Write your own Fairy Tale. Try to remember as many Fairy Tales as you can.

August 9th Book Lover’s Day

This is a great day for those people who love to read. To allow their minds to be led somewhere else by the words written down in stories, whether they are fictional or real. This day comes twice a year, August 9th and the first Saturday in November. You can find nearly any subject your heart desires and what’s better than laying out in a hammock, sipping a glass of ice tea and reading a book! And now for the shameless plug suggesting you read my short story, “Why The Evergreen’s Stay Green”

April 27th Tell A Story Day

People love to hear stories, well most do anyway. We all have a story of two we know, no they aren’t always that interesting to people but they are still stories! Ghost stories always work well around a campfire, family stories help pass on little known facts about the family and funny stories often break the tension during more serious times. Telling stories also help us to relate to each other on a different level since we tend to tell stories about things that interest us as much as the listener. With that, I have to plug my e-book “Why the Evergreen’s Stay Green”! Yes it’s a Christmas story but it’s cheap! Give it a try, available on Amazon e-books.

How to celebrate – Go camping and tell your favorite scary story. Make notes to help you remember the parts of your story. Read “Why the Evergreen’s Stay Green”.

February 26th Tell A Fairy Tale Day

Fairy Tales are generally saved for children but they needn’t be. We all like a story that ends with a happily ever after. There does seem to be a little difficulty determining what makes a Fairy Tale, a Legend, a Myth or just a Story. I’m not sure there is a scientific way to determine one over the other, although there probably is and not all Fairy Tales are intended to end happily. The Grim Brothers wrote their Fairy Tales because they hated children and wanted to scare them. So that sort of flies in the face of “Happily Ever After”. Then there are Stories like Camelot that meet the requirements of all the categories. It is a legend, as it contains some truth; myth because of magical creatures and people; a fairy tale because it has a Happy Ever After ending (well kind of), and of course, it is a story.

How to celebrate – Determine your best example of a Fairy Tale. Write a new Fairy Tale. Read a Fairy Tale.

November 1st National Author’s Day

The idea of today began back in 1928 when Nellie Verne Burt McPherson got the idea there should be a National Author’s Day. Her Bement Illinois Book Club endorsed the day in 1929 and the U.S. Department of Commerce made it official in 1949. Now there’s something to write about! Or read about, which ever the case may be. Authors do need a day to celebrate what they have accomplished, far too often their books are read by one or two people even after the writer has put years into their craft. It’s so often all about running with the herd, providing what people think they want to read rather than learning something from what they should read. And now for the shameless plug of my own short story, “Why The Evergreen’s Stay Green” available on Amazon e-books.

How to celebrate – Support an author and read their book. Write your own book. Take an author to a library.

October 27th National Tell A Story Day

Okay, so I am writing this blog in the US but that does not mean we can’t celebrate days from other countries, particularly one we are so close to! It is National Tell A Story Day in Scotland and the rest of the UK.


True, we do have our own Tell A Story Day here in the US but you really cannot get too many days where you tell a story to someone. I do, however, suggest avoid telling the “Hamilton” story in the UK. Even though he was sort of a Brit, they do not feel exactly the same as we do about his story.


There are plenty of other stories to tell. They can be fiction, non-fiction or whatever you feel most comfortable with. If you can’t find anyone to tell the story to, you can try telling it to your dog… but don’t expect them to stick around to the end unless you have a lot of treats.


It’s best to try and find a captive audience, at least when you start it. If you are a good story teller, you will capture their attention once you’ve gotten started, it’s the beginning that’s a little rough. The movie industry learned this the hard way. So today they like to start off with a lot of explosions and controversial scenes so people will stick around to hear the rest of the story.


Or maybe just find a child to read to, most love to hear a good story and like spending time with their parents, teachers and people they know.  They will believe nearly anything you tell them so make sure it is a story worth hearing. And naturally, today you need to speak with a British or Scottish accent to honor the day in the UK.

How to celebrate – Find a story to tell somebody. Make up a story to tell somebody. Visit England/Scotland and have someone tell you a story today.