January 10th Peculiar People Day

So how many people do you know that you would consider peculiar? Do you consider yourself peculiar? Exactly what is peculiar? These are all question we should ask before we pass our own judgement against others that we consider odd or different. Maybe they consider us odd or different! Do we consider ourselves odd or peculiar? If you are different.. take pride in what makes you different than someone else, provided that isn’t something that will harm others. There’s nothing bad about marching to a different drummer so long as that drummer isn’t taking you somewhere you really don’t want to go.

How to celebrate – Take pride in being peculiar. Think of all the things you do differently than others. Find something good in everyone.


July 15th Be A Dork Day

Do we know what a Dork actually is? I think we all probably have our own definition of what it takes to be one. Generally speaking they are awkward, clumsy, goofy, ridiculous, silly, out of touch, odd, a social misfit or some combination of all of those things at once. Well, that’s according to Wellcat.com. I suppose to know what a Dork is, one must be one and, at times, aren’t we all a dork!?!

How to celebrate – Be a Dork! Make up your own definition of what a dork is. Make a list of all the dorks you know.

March 18th Awkward Moments Day

Well, we’ve all had them… those moments we wish we could forget but that keep creeping back into our lives. Oddly today is supposed to be the day that we let those moments pass and forget them, but to celebrate today you have to remember them to let them go! Moments like breaking wind in an elevator or thinking a perfect strange is some you recognize from long ago. How about those moments you go on a date and can no longer think of anything to talk to this stranger about! Maybe it was showing up as a party you though was a costume party but turned out not to be.

How to celebrate – Remember those awkward moments today so that you can forget them. Write down a list of your awkward moments so you can remember to forget them. Stay home today so you don’t add to your list of awkward moments.

January 10th Peculiar People Day

We all know at least one Peculiar person don’t we? Maybe we are that one peculiar person someone else knows! There is normally nothing wrong with a peculiar person, or at least we hope there isn’t. They are just odd for some reason or the other. It may be the way they speak or the things they do, they may collect peculiar things or watch odd movies but it’s still okay, well most of the time anyway. Live and let live I say… but don’t quote me because someone wiser said that before me! Enjoy the people around you even with their faults, after-all… you may be odd in their eyes too!

How to celebrate – Figure out who that peculiar person is that you know. List what others might find peculiar about you! Enjoy people for who they are.

November 20th Absurdity Day

There seem to be a lot of strange days in November and today is no exception, it’s Absurdity Day. Of course, something considered absurd really does fall to the individual and what they consider absurd. It may seem quite normal to someone else. However, should you choose to observe today as a holiday you may want to list those things you consider to be odd enough to make your absurd list, which if you think about it, is sort of something absurd to do in itself.

How to celebrate – Determine what you consider to be absurd. Form a club to consider what is absurd and what isn’t. Make a list of absurdities.