January 15th National Strawberry Ice Cream Day

There was a time when the only ice cream that was available was vanilla. Then somebody got the idea of putting fruit in the ice cream, chocolate or any number of other things to add to the choice. (Peas did not work out so well) Strawberry ice cream gained favor, and flavor, when James Monroe served it at his second inauguration in 1813, wining over doubters and starting his second term as President off on the right foot! Those of us that love strawberry ice cream are very thankful for the day!

How to celebrate – Have some Strawberry Ice Cream. Learn to mix your own ice cream flavors. Have a party made up to re-enact Monroe’s Presidency.

August 2nd National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

What’s better than Ice Cream!?! An Ice Cream Sandwich! It’s like having milk and cookies at the exact same time! Ice cream sandwiches use to be a simple affair, vanilla ice cream between two chocolate wafers. Today, it’s gotten a whole lot more complicated but it’s still just as good and refreshing. I even saw a ice cream sandwich made with butter pecan ice cream in the middle, never saw that before! (Though I am told it wasn’t to the eater’s taste) You can have banana split ice cream sandwiches, chocolate ice cream sandwiches… well, you name it and if their is ice cream made in that flavor you can make an ice cream sandwich of it! Ice cream sandwiches have been around since the early 1900’s!

How to celebrate – Have an ice cream sandwich. Get some pancakes and put some maple flavored ice cream in between them and have breakfast! Have an Ice Cream Sandwich Social.

July 19 National Ice Cream Day

The 3rd Sunday in July, National Ice Cream Day since Ronald Reagan proclaimed it so in 1984. He also proclaimed July National Ice Cream month. So, in short, I think we can conclude that Reagan liked ice cream! But then… who doesn’t! It is comfort food that kids and adults enjoy alike. Ice Cream has been around since 200 BC, naturally in China. The only thing amazing to me is that it took so long to create a National Ice Cream Day! No it’s not particularly healthy and there are some people who are allergic to it, but for those of us who aren’t today is the day to indulge in a little delight and it is so appropriate it comes in the dead of summer.

How to celebrate – Have some ice cream. Throw and ice cream party! See how many flavors of ice cream you can list.

July 1st Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day

July 1st Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day

There was a time, oh so long ago, when we had to suffer through life with only the 28 flavors of ice cream that Howard Johnson’s served up. They had more than 28 flavors even then but they only had  room for 28 flavors in their concession stand. Of course you still had to wait for an hour while someone figured out what flavor they wanted but it was no where as long as you have to wait today. And the flavors weren’t nearly as tempting then as they are today with flavors like barley, road kill and moon dust. Who knows how many flavors there actually are? I’m not sure that a cheeseburger flavored ice cream still qualifies as a dessert? It’s all so confusing…

How to celebrate – Invent your own flavor of ice cream. See how many flavors of ice cream you can name. Just have a bowl of ice cream and don’t worry about it.

July 15th National Ice Cream Day

So what’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? Do you like simple flavors like strawberry, chocolate or vanilla? Or do you like the more complicated flavors like Chocolate Double Fudge Vanilla Bean Brocoli Stem Grasshopper best? Well, whatever your favorite is, today is the day to enjoy it.

download (4)

It was like a hundred years ago that Baskin Robins came out with 31 flavors. Today there are probably more like 31,000 flavors! It is believed that Italo Marchiony came up with the first ice cream cone in 1896 somewhere in New York. It was lemon flavored. But this cannot be documented. Charles E. Minches did, however, serve an ice cream cone at the 1904 World’s Fair in St.. Louis. But it was not until President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the day the third Sunday in July in 1984 for it to become official.

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Does any of that really matter though? We are talking ice cream here, one of the worlds most favorite treats, particularly during the summer.And today we are even making ice cream without cream in it for the lactose intolerant!


Well fancy or plain, ice cream is always a treat enjoyed by nearly everyone. It tastes great, cools you down and relaxes you… at least until the sugar rush kicks in!

How to celebrate – Have a bowl or cone of ice cream. Invent your own new flavor of ice cream. Have an ice cream tasting party and try some new flavors.

July 7th National Strawberry Sundae Day

There is little doubt that the fruit of summer is the strawberry. Yes blueberries and raspberries come in second and third but the over all King of Fruit for summer is, the strawberry.


The strawberry is very, very good on it’s own. Add a little sugar and it makes it sweeter. Or you can go all the way and turn it into a sundae. Ice cream, whipped cream and (Since you have already made up the strawberries) the juice of the strawberry. You may even want to sprinkle the top with a few chopped nuts.


Most strawberry sundaes are made with vanilla ice cream but why not take it a step further and use strawberry ice cream! After all, we are talking about celebrating the strawberry here.

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It is refreshing, so cool and (unless you are allergic to them) so tempting. It’s a party in your mouth with every bite. It’s easy to make, quick to prepare and a delight to enjoy. What more could you want!?!

images (3)

Well, let’s add cake to that sundae and make it a strawberry shortcake! Now we’re talkin’!

How to celebrate – Well, itsn’t it obvious! Get some strawberries! Get some whipped cream! Get busy eating!

August 25th National Banana Split Day

Continuing on with eating our way through the summer, the next day up is “Banana Split Day”. It all started back in 1904 when an apprentice pharmacist created the first banana split at Tassel’s pharmacy in Latrobe, Pa. He cut a banana in two halves and placed them in a long bowl, filling the center of the bowl in with vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream. He covered the strawberry ice cream with a pineapple topping, the vanilla with chocolate flavoring, and the chocolate with strawberry topping. All of that was covered in whipped cream, to which crushed nuts and maraschino cherries, wete added. It cost a dime.


Today we make a number of variations including those that add fresh fruit to the recipe and maybe use different flavors of ice cream. Of course back in 1904 there weren’t that many varieties of ice cream to choose from. In fact, you can use any flavor of ice cream you choose, any fruit that’s in season (which is practically all of them since it is summer), and you can use heavy, regular, or light whip cream. And nuts have become optional since so many are now allergic to them.


You don’t even have to use the bowl any more. You can put all the fixings in a ice cream cone and carry it with you where ever you go.


You can also make it into a cake, using the same ingredients, or those of your choice, and turn it into a party. You can still use ice cream if you like, or a flavored batter, that will taste like the Split, but is lactose free.


Or you can make the best of both worlds and turn your banana split into a pie and meet the ice cream half way!

Anyway you choose to have a banana split is totally acceptable, so long as you accept the calories that go along with it.

This year, 2016, the US Post Office came up with a stamp celebrating the banana split. It sells for 47 cents. More than the original Split, but less than any single item in the split would cost you by itself.

How to celebrate – Have a banana split. Make your own banana split cake or pie. Make up your own banana split recipe -as long as you include the banana, anything goes!