October 28th Plush Animal Lover’s Day

Who doesn’t love a plush animal? Well maybe not Gengis Khan, but if they had been around back then I bet he’d have had a favorite. Now there is no reason today is Plush Animal Lover’s Day, at least none that I found. But who cares? If you like something, why not flaunt it. They even work well for a pillow in an emergency! Look for your favorite animal and I bet there will be a plush toy made of it. If not, make one, I’m sure you’ll make a bundle selling! (Watch out for copyrights though)

How to celebrate – Check out all the Plush Toy animals. Take your favorite Plush Toy to lunch. Send your favorite Plush Toy a greeting card.

September 9th Teddy Bear Day

The Ideal Toy Company was formed by Morris and Rose Michton when they read about a story in the Washington Post in 1902 when Teddy Roosevelt refused to shoot a small bear in Mississippi while on a hunting trip. This simple act started a revolution in the toy industry that continues today as nearly every household with children has at least one teddy bear. (And many without children as well) Recently, with the Covide Virus threat the teddy bear took another supportive step as they became a part of a nationwide scavenger hunt among those who walked neighborhoods to get exercise. We all were encouraged to put a teddy bear on our porch or in the front yard so they were a challenge to find but still bringing a smile to our faces.

How to celebrate – Get a teddy bear. (If you don’t already have one) Try to remember your first teddy bear. Give a teddy bear to a loved one.