October 19th Evaluate Your Life Day

Here’s another one of those really fun days created by the people at Wellcat.com. It’s a day to spend time evaluating how successful you have been and where you have failed. I mean, sure… it’s great for an afternoon of laughs but do we really need to spend a day dwelling on this? In fact, might it not be a bit dangerous to do so? And of course, Wellcat copy rights all their days so supposedly to even think about it means you owe them royalty. I think we all evaluate our lives a little too much everyday, maybe if we lightened up for a spell we might actually find some happiness it letting be was what we can’t change, what we have done in the past, and maybe worry more about what will do since we can change that.

How to celebrate – Look at all the wonderful days established by Well.cat.com. Find other ways to highlight your shortages in life. List all your failures so you can read them over daily.