July 28th National Water Park Day

It’s the middle of summer and the days are getting hotter and hotter. You’ve used your pool every day and it’s getting a little boring so… get the family in the car and drive to your closest water park and enjoy the waves, rides and people! That is unless you are like me and end up in the hospital because of the chemicals used to keep the water sanitary because of all those people and the deceases they can spread. I went to a water park once and ended up with the worst case of hives I have ever had, I ended up having to have an IV and topical medicine to get rid of them. So, enjoy, won’t see you there but as I am frequently told this sort of thing never ever has happened to anybody else! The day was created in 2017 by Kalahari Resorts and and Conventions.

How to celebrate – Go to a water park. If you have choices, compare what they have to offer. Float away the day on a lazy river.

August 31st National Eat Outside Day

So this could easily have been called picnic day but eating outside is basically the same thing. With summer coming to an end you should consider using one of the last days before colder weather sets in and you no longer want to sit under the shade of an Elm Tree. Of course if you live in Florida as we do, you may want to reconsider this as August is one of the hottest months we have. Still it’s nice to take the family out, or friends, and enjoy a meal in the great outdoors, even if it’s just a PB&J sandwich.

How to celebrate – Have a picnic. Plan a picnic with your family. Make it a picnic party and invite friends!

August 10th Lazy Day

When we reach the dog days of summer we find more and more reason to be lazy. To lay around reading a book, sipping a drink or relaxing in the pool. It’s hot in August, and no one really wants to do too much of anything. And if anyone complains about you being lazy tell them you are conserving your energy for the busy days ahead. (Whether they are actually busy or not) So enjoy your summer days because it won’t belong until they are gone and you are back at the grind again anyway.

How to celebrate – Relax. Give yourself a summer day to enjoy. Find someone to do nothing with.

July 22nd Hammock Day

In the dog days of summer what’s better than spending a lazy afternoon in your backyard hammock with a glass of ice cold tea and maybe someone to fan you and swing you! Okay, that someone to fan you and swing you may be a bit of a stretch but the hammock and the tea are possible! Today was created by Bob Matthews of Holiday Insights but let’s be honest here, the idea of the hammock long precedes anything we can come up with today.

How to celebrate – Buy a hammock. Set time aside each day to spend in your hammock. Plant two trees so you can use them as posts for your hammock later on.

June 21st National Sea Shell Day

Today is the first day of summer, officially! And with summer comes trips to the beach where you can swim, ski and sun tan… but if you get bored with all that you can also look for and collect sea shells. In fact many people collect sea shells with a variety of shapes sizes and colors. You can spend the whole day roaming the beach looking for shells and shark teeth and other things that wash up from the sea. Today was created by “The Beaches of Ft. Myers and Sanibel (Island)” in 2016.

How to celebrate – Start a sea shell collection. Listen to the sounds of the ocean in a horned sea shell. Go to the beach.

June 11th National Corn On The Cob Day

There is nothing like that first corn on the cob of the summer. Butter dripping off it onto the plate, salt shining in the sunlight, those little thingys that you stick in the end of the ears to hold the corn with while eating. Well summers here! It’s time to enjoy that ear of corn just like the first Native Mexican did around 9,000 BC. The idea of eating corn on the cob is to get the sweetest corn you can and that only comes from the freshest corn picked. The longer that it takes to get to you once it is picked the less sweet it will be. It also is a tradition, of sorts, for summer and with June here, so is summer!

How to celebrate – Make some corn today! Have a cook out, corn is great grilled. Have a corn husking party.

May 27th Sun Screen Day

Do you use sun screen? You should, your chances of getting skin cancer are tremendously higher if you don’t use sun screen and if you stay out too long in the sun and burn, you’re gonna lose that tan anyway! The recommendation says to use a 15 SPF (Skin Protection Factor) or better. Remember if you get in the water sun screen can wash off as well and just because it may be cold outside does not protect you from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The worst sunburn I ever had in my life came after climbing a mountain (More walking up it) and the snow reflecting the sun back at me.

How to celebrate – Take the skin warnings properly, abuse them and you may have to cover up the rest of your life! Find out which level sunscreen is the best for you (It’s different for all of us). Watch your children for sun burns, they aren’t going to notice themself if they are burning or not until it’s too late.

August 3rd National Watermelon Day

The summer fruit. It’s 90% water, for which I think it gets it’s name and makes it the summer fruit. It’s like drinking a glass of water while eating a sweet fruit. It’s fun to eat as well, just ask any kid! It has become a regular part of our summer day, just like the heat and bright sunny skies. I remember planting some watermelon and not realizing it grew on a vine. Well the vines started over taking my yard and as the melons grew my 300 pound Mastiff dog became more and more frightened of these invaders from another planet. He would bark and bark at the melons, so much so, that we had to get rid of them.

How to celebrate – Enjoy some watermelon. Plant some watermelon but give it room to grow! Try some with salt to bring out even more flavor.

August 2nd National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Ice cream between a cookie, what a perfect food! Sure, it’s not all that healthy for us but it’s good so who cares! The ice cream sandwich has been around since the early 1900’s and like most food inventions, it was probably done by mistake. Today all sorts of combinations are available, split pea ice cream between two kale cookies, yum! But nothing will ever beat the simple vanilla ice cream between two chocolate cookies. It’s portable, refreshing and filling.

How to celebrate – Have an ice cream sandwich! Invent your own flavor of ice cream sandwich. See how many types of ice cream sandwiches you can name.

July 22nd Dog Days of Summer

July 22nd Dog Days of Summer

The Dog Days of summer last from July 22nd to September 22nd when heat, drought, thunderstorms, lethargy, mad dogs and bad luck abound. Let’s face it, it’s hot, even in places we normally think of as cool. For the next month we all have to suffer through these days, making the best of it in whatever way we can. With the invention of air conditioning, life has improved through the dog days, but still you need to take care when outside. Remember the sunscreen!

How to celebrate – Stay cool! Eat foods that help you body remain cool. Drink plenty of liquids.