February 10th Umbrella Day

Where would the British be without their umbrellas? For that matter, here would any of us be!?! We’d be wet, sunburned, windblown and probably more! This is not to even mention the fashion statement made while carrying an umbrella. There would probably be no Mary Poppins either! (Or at least one that could fly) So welcome the umbrella into your life. Even though you get wetter trying to open it outside in the rain than if you just forgot about it. And from personal experience… don’t try to use it to fly, it doesn’t work.

How to celebrate- Buy an umbrella. Design your own umbrella. Carry an umbrella with you where ever you go.


May 27th Sun Screen Day

Today we think about wearing sun screen to protect us from the UV rays the sun emits. It’s kind of important because the rate skin cancer is climbing among people, more so women than men. (Probably because women expose more skin than men) The idea of getting a good tan is nice until you realize that later in life your skin becomes like leather and of course there is the risk of more serious complications. It is recommended that we all wear at least a SPF 15 lotion to protect us. I doubt many will go that far but at least use come skin protection, if not for yourself, then for the others that love you.

How to celebrate – Check out which sun screen is best for you. Make sure to apply sun screen when you will be spending any length of time outdoors. Be serious about your skin health care.

June 27th Sunglasses Day

We all know that people look cooler in sunglasses, well at least the movie stars do. However, it should be remembered that sunglasses also protect our eyes from UV rays and they actually help others too! They help others by letting us see better and not have the sun block our vision like when driving a car or even walking down the street. If the sun is bright enough, we cannot see everything in front of us if the sun is in our eyes. So you can look cool and be safety aware just by wearing sun glasses! Not a bad trade off.

How to celebrate – Get some sunglasses. Make sure you get the right kind of sunglasses for what you need them for. Always look cool!

May 27th Sun Screen Day

Do you use sun screen? You should, your chances of getting skin cancer are tremendously higher if you don’t use sun screen and if you stay out too long in the sun and burn, you’re gonna lose that tan anyway! The recommendation says to use a 15 SPF (Skin Protection Factor) or better. Remember if you get in the water sun screen can wash off as well and just because it may be cold outside does not protect you from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The worst sunburn I ever had in my life came after climbing a mountain (More walking up it) and the snow reflecting the sun back at me.

How to celebrate – Take the skin warnings properly, abuse them and you may have to cover up the rest of your life! Find out which level sunscreen is the best for you (It’s different for all of us). Watch your children for sun burns, they aren’t going to notice themself if they are burning or not until it’s too late.

April 28th International Astronomical Day

This is your day if you like to look up into space, either through a telescope or via the naked eye. There is a lot to see but the more trained you are, the more you will actually see. Most people just see a lot of stars, the moon and occasionally a random planet but there is so much more. Today was created by Doug Berger of the North California Astronomical Association back in 1973. Who knows what surprises might be out there in the universe and there’s only one way to find them, look up!

How to celebrate – Buy a telescope. Visit an observatory. Become an astronaut.

November 6th Marooned Without A Compass Day

Well if you are planning on getting marooned without a compass, today is the day to do it. Naturally, most of us don’t plan on getting lost in the first place but if you do, and you don’t happen to have a compass with you then there are a few things you should know. Like the positioning of the sun and stars. Since the sun rises in the east and sets in the west this should give you a little guidance. The positioning of the constellations help your night time travel. And, of course, you should remember that moss only grows on the shady side of trees which indicates north.

How to celebrate – Always keep a compass with you. Learn the constellations. Don’t go anywhere, that way you can’t get lost!

May 27th Sun Screen Day

Well among those things starting to open up first after months of “Stay at home” are the beaches. In our hurry to get back outside we need to remember to bring the sun screen with us. After having been inside for so long our skin needs the sun screen to protect it from the Ultraviolet Rays that can cause us so much damage. The higher the SPF the more protected we are. It is suggested we start with at least an SPF15. Some of us have been going outside every day but for those who haven’t been able to, remember you will burn much easier than before we were forced to stay inside. Enjoy the sun, get that vitamin D, but be safe!

How to celebrate – Get out and enjoy the sun. Protect yourself from the sun. Hit the beaches!

May 9th Sun Awareness Day

May 9th Sun Awareness Day

Ah, if you weren’t aware of it… the sun is over your head during the day. Become aware of it! That thing that shines and makes it hot is the sun! Actually sun awareness day is about becoming educated on what the sun can do for you and do to you. The sun can be rewarding, and it can also be dangerous. If you keep yourself aware of the sun and its benefits you can make life all that much better, but when you forget about it you can pay the price for your ignorance.

How to celebrate – Don’t forget your sunscreen. Remember hats and caps to shade your face. Get some vitamin D!

April 14th Look Up At The Sky Day

April 14th – Look Up At The Sky Day

Most of us spend our days looking down at the ground. It does have its advantages, you might find money and you won’t trip over something in your way. However, the sky is filled with wonders. Day or night, there is always something to see. By day, airplanes, birds, clouds and the sun. By night, the moon, stars, planets (If you have really good eyesight) and all sorts of other mysteries. Since we have explored most of the earth (Other than the deep ocean) the sky offers up the dreams of the future. All that, and it may keep you from getting hit in the head by something falling from the sky.

How to celebrate – Look at the clouds and tell a friend what shapes you see. Imagine where the airplane overhead might be going. Find the constellations. (This works better at night)

February 29th Leap Day

Today happens once ever four years or so, unless the year ends in a 00 for some very complicated reason. It has to do with the Earth’s orbit around the sun. If you were born on this day you are one out of 1,461 people born, which I actually find smaller than I thought it would be. The rest of us just look at it as an extra day we get to either make things better or worse. So determine to make it better! Think of it as a gift you have been given to celebrate in whatever way you choose!

How to celebrate – Make today your day, to treat yourself to something you normally wouldn’t. Throw a Leap Day party. Go back to bed and wait for March.