May 2nd Brother and Sister Day

If you are lucky enough to have a brother or a sister, or maybe even both… or more,,, you are very fortunate. You have friends and family already built in for you. Siblings can have very bad relationships but most get along very well having the past, present and future all in common. They have a reason to support and defend each other someone they can rely on when things get rough. No, nothing is perfect but you should celebrate having a brother, sister, or any combination there in and cherish each moment you get to spend with them.

How to celebrate – Go to lunch with your siblings. Plan a family reunion. Enjoy your family while you have them around to enjoy.


March 4th Hug A GI Day

If anyone needs a hug, it’s a GI. In case you missed it, a GI is a soldier, the GI standing for General Issue, which is what a soldier receives when first entering the service. Some GI’s may never see combat, others may spend most of their career in battle however most soldiers are placed far away from their families and friends and in need of a good hug… and a whole lot of our thanks! They probably will never ask us for it but who deserves it more?

How to celebrate – Hug a GI. Let a GI know you care. Send a virtual hug to a GI far away.

November 15th National Philanthropy Day

Today we celebrate all those who literally spend their time and money on helping others. Their time is extremely important, their money even more so. The day was created by the Association of Fundraising Professionals in 1985. Fundraising drives many good groups that bring things those less fortunate badly need. Schools operate nearly all after school programs on fundraising. All those candies sold, magazines read and the dozens of other means of fundraising are well known to us. We may be annoyed, at times, but we have to remember that they are for good causes.

How to celebrate – Become, or join, a fundraising group. Support those groups you know need funding. Thank any Philanthropist you know.

March 4th Hug A GI Day

We all know we owe our troops all the support they can get. Sometimes that’s money, sometimes that’s food, sometimes that’s just a hug. Men and women who guard our freedom are under stress all the time. Not only do they have their friends and loved ones to worry about as we all do, they have the worry of someone shooting at them. They are the front line of everything we hold dear and are often overlooked as we go through our day. Since we do not see them, we forget about them. They deserve more.

How to celebrate – Hug a GI. Take a GI to lunch. Send out a care package to a soldier.

November 13th World Kindness Day

So much of the world is under siege by war, dictators and poverty that it would be nice to take a break and find a little time for kindness to each other. I think people generally want to be nice to each other, they want to help where they can and be positive forces for good. The problem comes from those few people that find chaos to work for them better than peace. It comes from the World Kindness Movement in 1996-97 and the day was developed into the Declaration of Kindness on November 13th, 1997. It is nice to proclaim a day like this, however making it work practically may be an entirely different matter. If we all practiced what we preached, the world would be a much different place. However, with that in mind, find some way today to go out of your way to be kind.

How to celebrate – Find different causes you can support. Perform an act of kindness. Embrace the World Kindness Movement.