May 29th National Alligator Day

Alligators are native to Florida, even so, they aren’t all that fun to hang out with. They’ll fight you tooth and nail for any chicken you might happen to have. However, if you live in Florida, or plan to visit it might be valuable to understand a few things about them. The dangerous end in not the end with the tail. Yes it can hit you but the teeth do a whole lot more damage. An alligator can also run up to 32 miles an hour on land, I recently learned I can do 33 miles an hour if an alligator is chasing me. Anyway, the Wild Florida Airboats created today in February on 2021. Why it took them until May to set it in place is anybodies guest.

How to celebrate – If you live on the same property as an alligator, move. Learn how to run zig-zag in case you are chased by an alligator. Try some alligator for supper. They say it tastes like chicken… I wouldn’t know.