February 20th Cherry Pie Day

While we all know that thing with George Washington and the cherry tree wasn’t true, I’ll bet Washington did eat cherry pie! I mean, I’d cut down a cherry tree for a piece of cherry pie. Naturally, that doesn’t make much sense because then when you wanted more cherry pie you couldn’t get it because you had destroyed the tree that provided the fruit. Need to think these things through sometimes! I do love cherry pie! I love practically anything cherry, but pie is my favorite. It can be sweet or tart, doesn’t really matter. And I think George Washington would approve.

How to celebrate – Have some cherry pie. Make a cherry pie. Visit a cherry orchard.


January 31st National Hot Chocolate Day

Most of us think Columbus brought back the cocoa bean to Europe and maybe he did. The fact is, the Mayans were making hot and spicy cocoa in 500BC, long before Columbus ever set sail. It was Explorer Cortez who actually took the beans back, in numbers, to Europe in the 1500’s and, of course, it was Swiss Daniel Peter who added milk to the chocolate to make it milk chocolate, the way most of us have our cocoa today. It’s nice to have a hot drink that sweetens up our day and makes our outlook on life a little better, and we owe it all to the Mayans from so long ago.

How to celebrate – Have some cocoa. Visit Mexico. Crush your own cocoa beans like you do coffee to make your own cocoa!

January 27th Chocolate Cake Day

If you ask most people what cake they like best the normal reply will be chocolate.now to be fair, there are many, many version of chocolate cake and people who like one generally like them all. It doesn’t even seem to matter much whether it’s milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate… if you like chocolate, you pretty much like chocolate! The first chocolate cake did not appear until somewhere between the 1890’s and the 1900’s. While Columbus took it back with him to Europe in the late 1400’s it was used in drinks as such before bakers figured out it could enhance more recipes.

How to celebrate – Have some chocolate cake. Make up your own new chocolate cake recipe. Learn about chocolate cake in all the different countries.

December 17th National Maple Syrup Day

The Native Americans were the first to discover Maple Syrup. They had many uses for it and passed it on to the European settlers who found numerous other uses for it. Still, I have to wonder some about how it was discovered. I assume some sap was coming from a tree and someone went up an tasted it, a reasonable expectation. Still that someone had to be fairly brave considering it could have been poison as well as a sweet treat. Or maybe they watch a bear eating some of the sap and they figured if it’s good enough for a bear, it’s good enough for me. Well, whatever the reason I’m pretty sure we are all glad they experimented!

How to celebrate – Plant a Maple Tree. Make your own syrup. Buy some of the best syrup in the world from the Northeast.

December 16th National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

In theory, if something tastes good the logic applies that it would taste better if it was covered in chocolate, if you like chocolate. It’s hard to find people who do not like chocolate at least in some form. we know fruit can taste better, nuts, even bugs (Probably they taste a lot better when covered in anything) but I am not sure about meat and certainly not all vegetables would taste better covered in chocolate, unless you don’t like any vegetables and then they probably would taste better covered in chocolate. So it’s time to experiment and find out what you do like covered in chocolate and what not so much.

How to celebrate – Let the experiment begin. Try diff5erent types of chocolate to see which you like best. Did you know chocolate in it’s natural state is sour?

December 9th National Pastry Day

Today we celebrate the pastry. Does anything else really need to be said? We should just get started eating because there is no one to particularly thank or pay homage too according to the day, it is all about the pastry itself! (Naturally we would not have pastry if not for the bakers so they deserve some thanks I guess) So determine your favorite pastry, sit down and pig out… oh, and enjoy it.. you’ll be told tomorrow it was bad for you.

How to celebrate – Go to a bakery. Figure out your favorite pastry. Learn how to make your own pastry.

December 8th National Brownie Day

If you are looking for a a sweet that both fills and satisfies, look no further… it’s a brownie. Served with a tall cold glass of milk or maybe even a little ice cream, a brownie is one of the worlds most favorite treats. It can be served with nuts, or with out, it can be a regular brownie or a blonde brownie, or is capable of being whatever you want it to be! Most of all, it is a treat that few turn away and most are over joyed to receive.

How to celebrate – Make some brownies. Throw a brownie party with as many varieties as you can think of. Visit your favorite restaurant that serves a brownie as a desert.

July 7th Chocolate Day

Who doesn’t love chocolate, at least in one form or another? My personal favorite is white chocolate but I will settle for any chocolate normally. Dark chocolate is the healthiest, so if you feel the need for a piece of chocolate you may want to keep that in mind. The funny thing about chocolate in it’s natural form is that it is a little bitter. Columbus (Yes I know we aren’t supposed to mention him anymore) first discovered chocolate used by the natives in a drink. He sent it to Europe where it did not catch on instantly. Somewhere along the line someone thought about adding sugar to it and a new sensation was created!

How to celebrate – Have some chocolate. Try chocolate in it’s original state, no sugar added. Read about the history of chocolate.

February 19th National Mint Chocolate Day

Okay, so we all know chocolate came from the America’s when Columbus discovered the Natives there using chocolate for anything from medicine to a coffee like drink. It was brought back to Europe where people didn’t care for it all that much until the Swiss added sugar to it and then it became all the rage. Chocolate pretty much stayed that way, with a few adaptations until 1948 when Baskin Robbins added mint to it to create another sensation, Mint Chocolate. Now you can have it as cookies, ice cream, coffee ore practically anything you can think of.

How to celebrate – Have some mint chocolate. Study Baskin Robbins history. Create some new use for mint chocolate.

January 22nd National Blonde Brownie Day

So, what is a blonde brownie? Well here’s a recipe. It seems the only real difference is that it’s made with vanilla rather than chocolate, even though it does contain chocolate chips. So, why not make it with white chocolate? I didn’t find out about that option. Anyway, a brownie is a brownie white or brown and people enjoy them either way. Just making them blonde catches someone’s attention a little differently. They are good either way.

How to celebrate – Make some blonde brownies. Make regular brownies and blonde brownies and see which runs out first. Figure out how to make your own color brownie!