July 5th National Bikini Day

Okay, so here’s a holiday that can easily be considered a “bombshell” in more than one way… it’s National Bikini Day created first on July 5th, 1946. Named for the atomic bomb testing site, the Bikini Atoll, because it rocked the world like any nuclear weapon. Louis Reard created what Michline Bernardini wore in France to demonstrate a new bathing suit for women. Considering most bathing suit covered women from head to toe the bikini was not well accepted at first. In fact, though it first appeared in France in 1946 it did not reach American favor until the 1960’s. The bikinis then and the bikinis now are not even close to the same thing, which… depending on how you “view it” could be both good and bad.

How to celebrate – Get yourself a new bikini. (Not recommended for men but if that’s you thing, okay) Trim down to fit into your bikini after a long winter. Find a nude beach where you don’t have to wear anything at all!


July 11th National Swimming Pool Day

July 11th National Swimming Pool Day

With summer here the best way to spend the day is in a swimming pool. It is a way to get some sunshine while staying cool at the same time. Swimming is great exercise and one of the few sports you can do while not sweating! Remember safety, always swim with someone else present, and never swim during a thunderstorm. Also make sure the pool has water in it and the chemicals required to keep it safe. Public pools may be a little out of fashion this year but many are open so make sure you keep your social distancing in-tact.

How to celebrate – Throw a pool party (provided you have a pool – or get a kiddie pool). Set up an above ground pool for the summer. Buy a new bathing suit. Go to a water park.

July 4th Hop-A-Park Day

Living here in Orlando, Florida, hopping a park means something entirely different than it does across most of the rest of the world. Here for us to park-hop means to go from Disney to Disney Studios to EPCOT to Animal Kingdom. This can be fun but it also sort of stressful and really, really hot during the summer.

For most of the rest of the world, hopping a park means going to some place you can relax and enjoy your day with a picnic or just laying out in the shade. Parks are genuinely beautiful. They are nature’s way of telling us to slow down and enjoy mother nature, even if it’s man made!

It’s a place to reflect or just let your mind go free. A chance to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy a nice refreshing breeze. Maybe go boating, or swimming, or play volleyball. To enjoy the company of those around you.

I don’t know if there is anything as refreshing as jumping into a body of water to cool down on those really hot days. Floating leisurely around a lake as the sun sets and diving off wooden platforms into crystal clear water… now that’s the life!

Some parks have been the site of some past not-so-pleasant historic events. It may have been where a Civil War or Revolutionary War battle took place. These sites seem particularly quiet as people pay reverence to those who fell on the field.

The main thing is to just get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

You might want to wear a little sunscreen and wear a hat and sunglasses (seeing how it is UV Safety Month).  Shorts and t-shirts are just fine, you don’t need to dress up – the trees won’t care.

How to celebrate: Look for parks in your area where you can spend some time. Plan a picnic for your friends and family.  Go for a walk by yourself and get your thoughts together.

June 24th Swim A Lap Day

June 24th Swim A Lap Day

Its summer, what’s more natural than jumping in the pool and swimming a few laps! Of course, your rewards may depend on whether you have a real pool or a kiddie pool and if your pool is the ocean, good luck with that lap. Swimming is good for you, it tones muscles and actually helps you lose weight while not sweating. If you are sweating you need to turn down the heater in your pool. It is great exercise, fun to do and is a great reason to throw a party. The more laps you can do the better but remember it’s not about the speed unless you are practicing for the Olympics.

How to celebrate – Get in the pool! If you don’t have a pool, build one. At last resort, use your bathtub.

June 24th National Swim A Lap Day

Ah summer. It’s warm, or hot, outside and nearly everything you do causes you to sweat. If you keep your exercise regimen then you can plan on sweating a lot! Or… you can start swimming laps! It’s great exercise and you stay cool! And even better, since it’s a National Day you are being patriotic as well! There are really only two things you need to watch out for. The first is, make sure there is water in your pool! Diving in to swim laps when there is no water can be a bit hazardous. The second is, you really should always swim with partner, it’s safer and more fun.

How to celebrate – Swim a lap! Throw a pool party. enjoy the good weather.

August 15th Relaxation Day

Boy there sure seem to be a lot of this type of day during the summer. Maybe it’s because it’s so hot and you really do need to have down time after performing some activity during the day.


Plus, it’s a time when you can go outside and enjoy the weather rather than fight it. Just kick back and listen to the birds sing, watch the clouds fly by and maybe nap. There are a lot of ways to relax, each of us have our favorite. They art not all doing nothing. Some people relax by playing baseball, going bike riding or even working in the garden.


Swimming is always a favorite. It’s good exercise, cool and relaxing. Some relax by swimming laps while others, floating down a lazy river. It’s more about putting yur mind at ease, allowing it to slow down and rejuvenate itself.

images (6)

Others find yoga a way to relax, or taking yourself into a zen state. Again, this is all about the mind more than the body.  They say that those who work hard, play hard… and I suppose that’s true. It’s still relaxing, even if it doesn’t look like it.

images (5)

Still, just laying back and soaking in the sun while closing your eyes and letting your mind wander is what brings the most satisfactory results for most people… and animals. take a deep breath, breath in the fresh air and exhale the day.

How to celebrate – Relax in what ever way you choose. Make time for daily relaxation. It’s summer, relax.

July 5th National Bikini Day

Today is one of men’s favorite days, National Bikini Day. It is designed to celebrate Louis Reard’s fashion design, named for the Bikini Islands where America had first tested the atomic bomb used in World War 2.

download (2)

It was worn by Micheline Bernardini, a show girl, because no self-respecting model could be found to wear it in public. The date was, July 5th, 1946. It was first called the “Atome”before giving way to the bikini. The photos were taken at the Picine Molitor Swimming Pool in France.

images (2)

As the years advanced, nearly every woman wore a bikini in the 1960’s and in order to save fabric, they have been getting smaller and smaller ever since. In the fashions of today, those original bikinis would have been considered modest.

images (3)

As with any fashion, there are those who should avoid going along with the trend. The world would probably be a much better place if we did not all have to view that, no offense intended. (You certainly wouldn’t want to see me in a bikini!)

images (4)

However, we may be getting to the point where we are leaving nothing to the imagination. And frankly, if all you are going to wear is  a string, wouldn’t that irritate just a bit!?!

How to celebrate -Put on your bikini today! Go for a swim (Unless you re afraid to get your string wet.) Men, wear sunglasses so no one knows what you are really looking at!

June 24th National Swim A Lap Day

I think this is one of the best sports ever created! Swimming! And perfect for summer! I mean, what other sport can you do during the summer and not sweat! And swimming laps, not just getting in the pool and splashing around, is some of the best excercise you can get!


If you don’t have your own pool there are many public pools that you can go to. Even the ocean or lakes are available. (Though swimming laps might be a challenge if you use the ocean) In fact the public ones probably actually allow you to swim laps where home pools are designed more for just having fun and hanging out.

images (4)

And a lot of people look really, really cool in their swim suits… of course many more, like me, don’t look so good but at least you are covered up by the water! You exercise your heart, lungs, legs, arms, stomach, toes and even your brain (Keeping you from running into the sides of the pool).


There are even dogs that love to swim laps! Naturally they don’t know they are swimming laps and some laps turn in to circles but it’s even good exercise for them! (My dog loves to walk in the rain, but sadly won’t swim with me.)


It’s fun, it’s cool and it’s great exercise… what more do you want!?! Jump in! But make sure the water is deep enough that you won’t bottom out.

How to celebrate – Go for a swim today. Gradually develop swimming more laps and great distances. Remember not to eat while swimming… your food will get all soggy.

July 5th National Bikini Day

The bikini was invented by Louis Reard and worn on July 5th, 1946, though Reard had to find a show girl, Micheline Bernardini to wear it since models of the day would not put the bath suit on. She wore in at the Piscine Molitor Swimming Pool in Paris since the US shunned the bikini while Spain and Italy banned it.


The original bath suit took 30 square inches of fabric to make, something that might be considered quite modest these days. It got it’s name because of the Bikini Atoll where the nuclear bomb was tested. Before that the most revealing bathing suits revealed a little bit of the mid-rift and that was considered daring. Women who ware the suits prior to the bikini had be be good looking with a nice figure. They were considered “Bombshells”.


But the bikini was not the first two piece bathing suit. Ancient Minoan paintings, found on the walls of caves revealed women wearing two piece (We presume) bathing suits. That would have been around 1600 B.C..  Over the years the bikini has changed, some for the better, some not so much so…


However, when the assets are in the right place, the bikini can be a thing of beauty. And that 30 square inches of fabric has been reduced just a tad. In fact, I would venture to say that the women of today are getting sunburns in places the women before the bikini didn’t even know they had.


How to celebrate – If you have a bikini, wear it. If you don’t, enjoy others wearing it. (Most have spent all winter trying to be able to fit into it!) You might require more than 30 square inches of sunscreen so stock up. Go to the beach and enjoy the view.

June 24th Swim A Lap Day

It’s hot, one of the best ways to cool down is to jump into a pool of nice refreshing water. It’s also good for you too, in many ways it’s better exercise than jogging and with less wear and tear on your body!


There are seven tips to becoming a better swimmer. 1.) Start slow. (For those of you who like to cannon-ball your way into swimming. 2.) Exhale while your head is underwater. 3.) Inhale when it is above water. (Ah, hello!) 4.) Each out as far as you can with one arm while rolling your head to the opposite side for breathing. 5.)Kick with your legs slightly bent at the knee but as straight as  possible. 6.) Point your toes. (Because you never know when a dance instructor may come by.) 7.) Push your chest down while stroking (That sounds perverted).


I have decided there are seven more to pay close attention to as well. 1.) Do not swim while holding a cannon ball. 2.) Never choose a shark as your swimming buddy. 3.) Drinking straws should never replace a real snorkel. 4.) Do not try swimming the breaststroke in a bathtub. 5.) Always swim in the company of others. This does not include me, myself and I as your three friends. 6.) Make sure there is water in the pool before diving in. 7.) Do not swim in a business suit.


Seriously though, swimming is good for you and a great way to cool down.  Just be safe and do not tempt our limits too far.


How to celebrate – Enjoy the water but when you start to prune it’s time to get out. If you don’t have a pool, make a friend with someone who does. Get a shovel and start digging your own pool.