July 17th World Emoji Day

The first ever emoji was probably created Harvey Ball from Worcester, Mass in 1963 with his world famous smiley face, since them… the emoji has grown to epic proportions! In fact, maybe a little too much. For some of us what was cute once is not sort of annoying. But I guess they are here to stay and they really aren’t all that bad. The Emojipedia was created by Jeremy Burge in 2013 who also created World Emoji Day in 2014.

How to celebrate – Go ahead and use the Emoji you want, everybody else does. Try and create a new emoji, good luck with that. Get copy of the Emojipedia so you can figure out what people are sending you.

June 14th Flag Day

A flag is a symbol, the American flag symbolizes freedom of the original 13 colonies and the 50 united states that form that union. Our flag really is a beautiful display and it should be treated in the right way. It should fly from sunrise to sunset, be raised quickly in the morning, and lowered slowly at night. It should not be flown at night unless it has a light on it, and it is not flown in bad weather. It is flown at half staff on land, and half mast if at sea, in the case of tragedy or to honor a public figure’s death. If you chose to fly your state flag as well, it goes below the American flag. The flag should never touch the ground and if it does, it should be burned, and when you put up your flag it should be properly folded and put in a drawer.

How to celebrate – Fly your flag proudly. Learn all the rules concerning treatment of the flag. Make sure you own a flag.