May 26th Don’t Fry Friday

Today falls on the Friday before Memorial Day but really should be every day of your life. It is a day to protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays which can give you a beautiful tan but can also kill you. I watch women i the twenties suntanning themselves not thinking at all about what price they will pay later when their skin is like leather and wrinkled so badly. Or worse, when they have to have operations to remove cancerous skin from their bodies. But, it is their choice and they can choose to ignore the warnings, The good side of tanning is it gives you lots of vitamin D, the bad side is… it kills you.

How to celebrate – Protect your skin when out ion the sun. Tanning is nice but consider the price. Wear a hat to protect your face.


May 27th Sun Screen Day

Today we think about wearing sun screen to protect us from the UV rays the sun emits. It’s kind of important because the rate skin cancer is climbing among people, more so women than men. (Probably because women expose more skin than men) The idea of getting a good tan is nice until you realize that later in life your skin becomes like leather and of course there is the risk of more serious complications. It is recommended that we all wear at least a SPF 15 lotion to protect us. I doubt many will go that far but at least use come skin protection, if not for yourself, then for the others that love you.

How to celebrate – Check out which sun screen is best for you. Make sure to apply sun screen when you will be spending any length of time outdoors. Be serious about your skin health care.

July 3rd National Stay Out Of The Sun Day

July 3rd National Stay Out Of The Sun.

Well here’s a tough day to figure out, what am I supposed to do? Does it mean I have to make my way down the street going from shade to shade? Well the answer is, yes! Some sun is good for us, a lot of sun is bad for us. And Heaven forbid we should have those tan lines because we all know that getting skin cancer is so much better! Common sense created this day. Pay attention to what your body tells you, it knows better! Remember its summer, although did you know you can the worst sunburn of your life off of snow!?!

How to celebrate – Find some shade! Just stay indoors today. Use your umbrella.