January 1st National Hot Tea Month

JANUARY Month National Hot Tea Month

This month we celebrate hot tea, not cold tea, but hot. It was apparently first used around 2337 BC in China. Of course I am not sure who is still alive to verify that today. There are some 1,000 flavors of hot tea, and I guess probably more of them every year. Hey, that’s means you can have a new flavor every day for over 3 years, and that’s not including making it cold!

How to celebrate – Try some new flavor of hot tea. Visit China. Remake the Boston Tea Party here in the US.

April 21st National Tea Day

April 21st National Tea Day

Did you know that Catherine of Braganza, Portugal, introduced tea to the British in 1662 when she married King Charles II? Tea, of course, got its start in China and people in the UK may have used tea prior to Catherine but Royalty would wait until 1662.  In 2016 the UK named April 21st National Tea Day to honor Queen Elizabeth’s birthday.

How to celebrate – Send the Queen a birthday card. Have some tea. Throw a tea party.

March 16th Tea For Two Tuesday

There’s a lot of T(s) going on here. But that makes it easy to remember! The date does change every year as this holiday always falls on the third Tuesday of March and it is a day to have a cup of tea either with a friend or a loved one, or if you are desperate, even a total stranger! (Just remember to wear a mask) There is no special reason for the day, it was created by Holiday Insights in 2016 when we could all still get together and enjoy someone’s company. If you like tea, this will be a welcome day. It’s healthier for you than most drinks and it is not a drink to be rushed. It is sipped slowly while enjoying someone’s company.

How to celebrate – Have a tea party. (But only for two) Identify which type of tea you like best. Visit the site of the Boston Tea Party!

December 15th International Tea Day

With the holidays coming on and the demand on our time and energy, maybe it’s time to settle in for a comfort break on International Tea Day. Mainly celebrated in Asia, there is a movement to take it international through the UN. It has been celebrated since 2005 officially, but tea has always been the drink of preference, it seems like since time began in places like India, Myanmar and their neighbors. There are hundreds of flavors so there is something for everyone. Join those who celebrate their favorite drink, cold or hot, all over the world today.

How to celebrate – Have a cup of tea! Visit India. Remember the Boston Tea Party.

June 10th National Iced Tea Day

To think that they only drank tea hot in the old days is amazing, considering it is one of the world’s most favorite cold drinks now. This soothing and relaxing drink wasn’t invented until the World’s Fair in St. Louis in 1904 by Richard Blechyhen. Apparently the World’s Fair was hotter than anyone could remember and no one wanted Richard’s hot tea drink. So, he found some ice and cooled it down making it more appealing, boy did that work out! Too bad he couldn’t patent it! So all those images one has of the southern belle serving up iced to to their men on the porch prior to the Civil War are just that, images and nothing more. (I always wondered hot they got the ice anyway!)

How to celebrate – Have a glass of iced tea. Brew up your own tea at home. Visit the World’s Fair.

April 5th National Dandelion Day

April 5th National Dandelion Day

Most of us think of Dandelions as weeds, well they are. However they are flowers, some think they are pretty, others still see them as weeds. Native Americans believed the Dandelion had healing powers. No one is sure if they actually helped anyone but as with many medicines, it’s what’s in your mind that makes you feel better.  That said, people realized that you could eat Dandelions and they have used them ever since. They are colorful, apparently taste, at least, okay and are pretty. Don’t make them just weeds in your world.

How to celebrate – Get to know your weeds. Appreciate Dandelions instead of hating them. Try flavoring your favorite dishes with Dandelions.

October 6th National Mad Hatter Day

Today is Mad Hatter Day. It’s a day where you can truly go crazy if you want! After all, most hatters went mad. Of course it came from the use of mercury in the process of making hats called “carrotting”.

Mad-Hatter-Day (1)

Lewis Carroll put the Mad Hatter into Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to prove she had dropped into a world of insanity. (Duh!) And today is celebrate on October 6th because of the tag stuck in the Hatter’s hat, 10/6, which is believed to have actually been the cost of ten schillings and six pence it would cost the buyer. Of course, those were the prices back in the 18th century.


I’m not sure why the Mad Hatter was included in the story by Carroll, but then… why were any of the other characters there either. Considering Carroll was actually Charles Lutwidge Dodgson maybe he was hiding something. He was born in 1832 and died in 1898.


I also wonder if Carroll considered himself a Mad Hatter. After all, this story had been floating around in his head before he actually wrote it down. And to quote Carroll, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will do.”


Maybe there is a reason why the Mad Hatter is one of the few intelligent characters in Alice’s Adventures… if you are mad and you know it, you have beaten half of the battle.

How to celebrate – Start making hats! Read, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. See if you can find a hole to fall into.


June 10th National Ice Tea Day

June 10th is National Ice Tea Day, and as a bonus, June is National Iced Tea Month!  tea has been served as a beverage for almost as long as man has been drinking anything at all! Next to water, it is also probably the world’s first health drink. It helps one to avoid heart disease, various types of cancer and tumors, served with honey helps sooth soar throats and relieves cold symptoms, aids stomach ailments and is a soothing and relaxing drink.


We all remember those old movies about the South during the Civil War and soldiers being offered a nice glass of ice tea on the plantations. Thing is, it’s probably not real. The first serving of ice tea probably came in 1904 at the St. Louis World’s Fair when Richard Blechynden was trying to sell his hot tea but it was too hot outside to get many takers. he decided to pour his tea over ice and it became an instant hit!

images (2)

Often served in Mason Jar styled glasses (Mason Day is a day we created!) Ice Tea has become one of America’s. if not the world’s, favorite beverages. Served sweetened or natural,  it provides great taste and is almost always relaxing.


Today ice tea is served with many added flavors. Mint, raspberry, lemon… you name it, you can probably added it to ice tea. And of course, there is the famous Long Island Ice Tea that you will never forget once you’ve had it! Or maybe again, you will forget because it is a bit strong.


However you enjoy it, have a refreshing glass of ice tea and relax. It is known as being the drink to chill-out with and with summer coming on strong, we all will need it!

How to celebrate – Have a glass of Ice Tea. Try a Long Island Ice Tea. Watch the rapper Ice Tea on tv!

June 10th National Iced Tea Day

Today is National Iced Tea Day, just in time for summer. It is a little healthier than most of the other drinks people have to cool down with and it makes the East India Tea Company happy!

National-Long-Island-Iced-Tea-Day (1)

Now tea has been around for nearly as long as man can remember. It was used for both medicinal purposes and as a hot drink during the Middle Ages and pretty much remained that way until 1904. Richard Blechynden, and English Tea Plantation owner, brought his usual hot tea to the St. Louis World’s Fair. The problem was it was so hot outside that no one wanted to have a hot drink. So on June 10th he decided to cool his tea down by adding ice to it and it became an instant hit.


Drinking tea in general has been recognized as a way to avoid heart disease, cancer and tumors, calm stomach ailments, sooth sore throats and colds and has a calming and relaxing agent in it.

download (1)

Apparently having an Iced Tea Day was such a good idea that June has been named as Iced Tea month! Even more of a reason to have some iced tea

How to celebrate – Fix a pitcher of Iced Tea so you can enjoy it all day. Swap out that soda you were going to have for an Iced Tea instead. Throw an Iced Tea party to try different flavors of tea and additives to your Iced Tea.

March 21st Tea For Two Tuesday

Perhaps one of the best remembered days in American History is the Boston Tea Party! They weren’t really Native Americans but patriots who threw the tea…


… what? Oh, not that tea party? Well then, never mind.

The tea party. Well, who doesn’t remember being invited to a tea party. The biggest problem I have had with the tea party is that there has rarely actually been any tea served! The East India Tea Company would be appalled!

images (1)

Tea is a refreshing beverage, it can be served straight up or mixed with numerous different flavors. Most tea parties serve the tea as hot, or at least it starts out hot. Normally served in tiny little cups that any adult can finish in one swallow. There are, however adult tea parties where you generally not only get a full cup of tea but cookies with it!


But tea can be served cold too and there is no hard and fast rule that says tea for two Tuesday has to be celebrated with hot tea (I am not sure there are actually any rules for Tea For Two Tuesday. Other than perhaps it be done on a Tuesday, but that rule is probably not set in stone either).


Tea for Two Tuesday was created by Holiday Insights in March of 2016… and by every little girl that ever existed.

How to celebrate – Plan your own Tea For Two Tuesday today. It really isn’t about the tea, it’s about spending time with a loved one, so give up an hour of your day for them. Plan your tea party complete with decorations, snacks and whether you will serve hot or cold tea. Invite someone special to your tea party.