September 9th Teddy Bear Day

Okay, so I’ve told the story about Teddy Roosevelt and the Teddy Bear so many times it bores even me but today is Teddy Bear Day and unless you talk about the newspaper that talked about Roosevelt sparing a bear cub there really isn’t much else to say. What does a Teddy Bear mean to you? A really good friend and someone to protect you at night? Something to share your joy with and your sorrow. When you think about today as you age don;t forget one of your best friends ever, your Teddy Bear who has been with you through so many experiences.

How to celebrate – Display your Teddy Bear for all to see. Put a Teddy Bear outside on furniture or in a garden. Give your Teddy Bear a proper name.


July 10th Teddy Bear Picnic Day

Who needs a reason to have a picnic? If you do, well use your teddy bear as an excuse, they need to be happy too.I’m not going to go into the history of the teddy bear, I already done that like a hundred times, Teddy Roosevelt, the Washington Post and so on… The idea of the picnic day apparently came from a 1950’s children’s television show called Teddy Bears’ Picnic. The sponsor was Pet Ice Cream who featured Brown Bear and Brown Mule ice cream treats. No reason we shouldn’t keep the idea alive these days!

How to celebrate – If you don’t have a teddy bear, get one. Pack a picnic lunch but keep in mind it probably needs to include peanut butter and honey to keep you teddy happy. If you happen to attract a real bear at your picnic… run !

October 13th Take Your Teddy Bear To Work Day

Here’s an interesting day depending on the type of work you do. I suppose if you are a soldier or a firefighter, it might not be easy to take your teddy bear with you to work but if you are creative enough, you might find a way. Today always falls on the second Wednesday in October which today happens to be 13th and my sister, Michelle’s, birthday. Happy Birthday Michelle! Anyway, I imagine your teddy bear would like to get out of the house for the day seeing as they probably aren’t getting out as much as they use to.

How to celebrate – Take your teddy bear to work with you today. If you no longer have a teddy bear buy a new one! See if you can find an old picture of you with your teddy bear.

September 9th Teddy Bear Day

In 1902 President Teddy Roosevelt was hunting in the woods and came upon a youthful bear. He refused to shoot it because it was just a baby and the news spread through the newspapers of his kind act. Toy store owners Morris and Rose Michton wrote the President and asked if they could honor him by making a stuff bear to sell to children. Roosevelt saw no reason not to and a sort of legend was created, the Teddy Bear. The Michton’s toy company eventually turned into the Ideal Toy Company probably due to the creation of the teddy bear.

How to celebrate – See if you still have your original teddy bear. Read about Teddy Roosevelt. Go hunting but with a camera instead on a gun.

July 10th Teddy Bear Picnic Day

No one seems to know where this day originated. It could have been from a television show back in the 1950’s called “Teddy Bear Picnic” but since no one seems to remember it or have any idea why it might be on July 10th it doesn’t really matter. Still, why not take your teddy bear on a picnic? It doesn’t argue with you, thinks you are the greatest thing in the world and is always there for you. So maybe it does deserve a picnic of it’s own… after-all, it doesn’t eat much!

How to celebrate – Take your teddy bear on a picnic. If you don’t have a teddy bear, buy one. Make sure you name your teddy bear something cool.

November 16th Have A Party With Your Bear Day

This could be a tricky day, Have A Party With Your Bear Day. If your bear is a Teddy Bear then this can be accomplished pretty easily but if your Bear is alive and roaming the woods then there could be an issue. The first issue is simple… you can do a themed party like Thanksgiving or Christmas as bears do not celebrate these holidays. What do you serve as snacks or treats and will anyone attending, other than the bear, enjoy what you are serving. (It is very important the items served be a delight to the bear of else the bear might eat your other guests. Do not serve alcohol, drunk bears are normally not good guests. And this time of year do you wake any sleeping bear to invite them to your party, they might tend to be grumpy.

How to celebrate – Invite any bears you know to your party. Make sure you have plenty of honey. Throw your party in a cave to make your guests at home.

September 9th Teddy Bear Day

The Ideal Toy Company was formed by Morris and Rose Michton when they read about a story in the Washington Post in 1902 when Teddy Roosevelt refused to shoot a small bear in Mississippi while on a hunting trip. This simple act started a revolution in the toy industry that continues today as nearly every household with children has at least one teddy bear. (And many without children as well) Recently, with the Covide Virus threat the teddy bear took another supportive step as they became a part of a nationwide scavenger hunt among those who walked neighborhoods to get exercise. We all were encouraged to put a teddy bear on our porch or in the front yard so they were a challenge to find but still bringing a smile to our faces.

How to celebrate – Get a teddy bear. (If you don’t already have one) Try to remember your first teddy bear. Give a teddy bear to a loved one.

July 10th Teddy Bear Picnic Day

Hopefully it’s a nice sun shiny day where you live. If it is, then it’s a perfect day for you to grab your Teddy bear and go outside for a picnic. Your Teddy Bear is the perfect choice to take out and enjoy your day with. They enjoy the food you enjoy, they like to go to the places you go and they love to talk about whatever subject you want to talk about. They nearly always have a smile on their face, are always willing to listen and they let you figure out the answers to the problems you have by letting you deal with them yourself. What a perfect friend to take on a picnic!

How to celebrate – Take your teddy bear on a picnic. Take your teddy bear to it’s favorite spot. Make sure you have enough honey to share with your teddy bear.

January 3rd Festival of Sleep Day

Here’s a day we have all been waiting for, a day to sleep the hours away and recover from the holidays! The concept is pretty simple, sleep in, take a power nap, go to bed early, or better yet, do all three! Sleep is important and far too often most of us get less than we need. Some people are able to sleep for only a few hours a night and function perfectly well. They are the exception and not the rule though. As we sleep our bodies replenish a lot of the things we need to perform properly, without enough sleep, we are truly running on empty.

How to celebrate – Sleep in, turn off the alarm. Take a power nap, if you are at work go to your car or find a dark, comfy spot (in this case you may want to set the alarm). Remember to grab your Teddy Bear to comfort you as you sleep.

September 9th Teddy Bear Day

Sept. 9th Teddy Bear Day

Theodore Roosevelt was hunting in Mississippi one day when his party came across a bear cub in the woods. He was offered the shot, since he was President and all, but refused to shoot because it was a baby. The press picked up on his compassion and wrote articles, including drawings of what they envisioned happened. Morris Michtom read the articles and got the idea he should make a teddy bear toy for kids. He wrote for permission from the President, who could not refuse, and the teddy bear, we all have come to love, was born.

How to celebrate – Dig your old teddy bear out of the attic. Take your teddy bear to lunch. Start a new teddy bear collection.