October 25th Frankenstein Day

With Halloween coming this seems like a logical day to celebrate. It was created by Ron MacCloskey to celebrate Mary Wollstonecraft Shelly who wrote Frankenstein in 1818 when she was 21. He has terrorized the world ever since! There have been rumors that Frankenstein might have been based on some real activities taking place during Shelly’s lifetime. Either that, or wow, what an imagination! (Particularly for that era) Mary had an interesting life and continued to write though most of her other efforts are not as well recognized. Frankenstein has changed over the years, now it’s more about the monster than about creating him, as it was in the original novel. Considering the real monsters we have in the world today, Frankenstein seems harmless, though he still scares us. Since 1818, we have learned how to harvest human organs for use in other people than originally intended for. It sort of shows that maybe Frankenstein wasn’t as far fetched as they would have thought back in the early 1800’s.

How to celebrate – Read the original, “Frankenstein”. Try to find Mary Shelly’s other works. Get ready for Halloween!

September 11th Remembrance Day

9-11, 2001 will forever be remembered as the worst day in American history along with Pearl Harbor in 1941. It will be impossible to forget. The attack by 19 Al-Qaeda terrorist killed 2,977 people, mostly Americans. Worse than the Japanese attack it was launched by a bunch of cowards who do not earn any respect for their actions. They will always be despised for the acts even a small child would be ashamed of.

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2,606 died in the twin towers. There were no virgins or fields of gold waiting for these low life ambassadors from hell. We will remember what they did, both for ourselves, and for them and what to expect of their kind.

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Another 125 were killed at the Pentagon, from the third plane.  Even today I am not sure what they hoped to accomplish. Yes they created fear that was turned into hate, confusion that turned into resolve and destruction that turned into beautiful new structures to commemorate those who died.


And in Shanksville, Pa. the forty heroes that gave up their lives to stop whatever destination the fourth plane was headed for. We have to remember those who perished and forget those that killed them, they are not worth remembering. The planes left from Boston, Newark and Washington meaning that the Al-Qaeda members were here as friends, living among us and benefiting from what we provided.

How to honor – Remember those who died on this day in 2001. Never give in to fear. Stand tall and proud, never forget.