September 10th Swap Ideas Day

Remember when you use to get together and swap ideas with friends and co-workers? Okay, so maybe you never did but the idea is to try and swap ideas with people to find ways to benefit mankind. The idea (Pun intended) was created by Robert L. Birch in 2015, the owner of Pun Corp. Maybe he meant it as a pun, or for real, problem is… we may never know. We should try to think up new ways to help humanity, humanity needs a lot of help. Swapping ideas can work, but only if those ideas are put into practice… which when we are done sharing them we generally feel good about and leave it there. Try implementing them as well.

How to celebrate – Put a think tank group together. See how you can change the world instead of waiting for someone else to do it. Jot down any ideas you get and then revisit them to see if they can actually work or not.

January 29th National Puzzle Day

Do you like puzzles? I do, sometimes.The ones I don’t like are how to reset the time on your microwave, escape rooms that are impossible and whether the big bang theory was real or not. There are good ones too though, I like crosswords but I’m not too fond of Sudoku (I’m not very good at math)

The fact is, we go through a lot of puzzles everyday. Puzzles like, how did they ever get a driver’s license, by do they like to wear their pants down at their knees and why do people continue to do things they know are bad for them?

It is a puzzling world. But challenges are sometimes fun. Puzzles definitely keep our minds alert which helps us do other things we might not otherwise be aware of. They tend to keep us younger and can even be something we look forward to everyday… like the newspaper crossword puzzles.

Anyway, today is a day to celebrate those puzzles that often perplex us and those that excite us. They can complete ruin our day, or give us the elation of that quick victory and the satisfaction of knowing we won!

How to celebrate – Buy a crossword book today. Visit an escape room. Solve the age old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg. 

September 10th Swap Ideas Day

You know what they say; “Two minds are better than one.” If you get a really good idea you might want to share it with someone because they may be able to improve on it! Of course, they may make it worse as well or they may even steal it for themselves and leave you out n the cold… but that’s not what today is all about.

swap-ideas-day (2)

How about those of us who get a great idea but we can’t put it into an actual working model? We have to share it with someone or else it will never get off the ground! You might even find that someone has been thinking something similar to your idea but in a different way. By sharing the idea you make make something that would have made a difference instead of having something that falls to the wayside and is useless.

swap ideas

It could be an invention, a manuscript, a life changing event or even something as simple as adding an ingredient while cooking. Sharing ideas is how out teacher teach, our government is supposed to function and and works really well at problem solving.

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We all come up with ideas, normally several a day.  We do not share them because we think they are stupid or because someone might steal them. If we shared them maybe they would actually develop into something with the right minds in place.

How to celebrate – If you get an idea, write it down before you forget it. If the idea is something beyond your power to create it, find someone who can. Make a list of those who you feel you can trust with your idea and break them down in to categories where they might be of the most use.

May 31st What You Think Upon Grows Day

This is sort of an odd day celebrated on May 31st because it was Norman Vincent Peale’s birthday, born in 1898.  You may remember him as a pastor at Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan, New York where he preached for fifty years.  Or you may remember him for his “The Power Of Positive Thinking” book, or one of the others he wrote afterwards.

It was his thought that you make yourself into whatever you think you are. If you think positive thoughts, positive things will happen to you. If you think negative things, negative things will happen to you. In other words, whatever mood or attitude we project is what we will receive.

Why do you think inspirational and motivational quotes do so well on social media – they are a reminder of what Peal was preaching – positive thoughts exude positiveness!

I have noticed that those who believe strongly in something generally seem happier. They have a safe place to fall back to and something to look forward to. Those who believe in nothing, or very little, have a dark outlook on life and seem sadder. They have no place to go when things do get bad because they can only react to what is unfolding in front of them. There is nothing more than the here and now.

If y0u are friendly towards others, others will be friendly towards you.  If you are standoffish from people they will stay away from you. If you feel sick, you are sick, if you feel good, you are healthy. I think quite often those who say they are catching a cold really do catch a cold while others say it’s allergies tend to think they will be better the next day and generally are.

In other words, are we projecting our own way to the future? Can we think our way into having a better day? Can we think our way into being sick? We certainly can find new friends if we are friendly but is that what we really are after? Are there people out there that really want to be unhappy?

To know someone else you really have to know yourself first. Good or bad, we will project on them what we feel when we meet them. They will be doing the same to us. Does this all sound confusing?  Probably because I don’t know what to think myself.

How to celebrate: Make a list if several positive attributes about you. Read i e of those attributes evey morning before you get started with your day. Make a list of goals and strive to do a baby step every day to reach that goal. Don’t get upset when you, your spouse, or child does something like spill milk. Instead just know it happened and fix it. Make sure others see you as you want them to see you. Try not judge others before you get to know who they are. Pay it forward – this type of giving will make you feel good. Remember little things can make a huge difference. Johnny the bagger spread his power of making people happy and it rubbed off on others and changed lives – all because of a positive attitude!

And start watching some great motivational presentations or read some good books such as the Power of Positive Thinking,  The Happiness Advantage, and A Kick in the Attitude.

Norman Vincent Peale, Shawn Achor and Sam Glen will change your life!