March 3rd If Pets Had Thumbs Day

If our pets had thumbs they could do a lot more for themselves. However, do we really want them to do a lot more for themselves? Yes, it would be no doubt a mess daily to clean up but it’s sort of nice having something, or someone, need us for something, or maybe even everything. If they had thumbs they could do more for us too, but then they wouldn’t be pets… they’d be more like servants. In short, if pets had thumbs they wouldn’t need us at all which would be very sad and very disappointing. I think they are pretty much perfect the way they are so why mess with them?

How to celebrate – Imagine you cat or dog being able to do everything for themselves. Imagine taking your pet to lunch at their favorite place to eat. Imagine your pet not needing you for anything.


March 3rd If Pets Had Thumbs Day

If Pets Had Thumbs Day – March 3rd

Can you image if your pets had thumbs? You would never have to open another can of food for them, pour water for them and you might even find them reading he morning paper. But, unless your pet is a monkey, they do not have thumbs, which is probably a good thing. If you think about all the stuff you lose or misplace every day by yourself, imagine what might end up missing if you pets could carry them away as well.

How to celebrate – Love your pet for who they are. Get a monkey if you want to find out what pets with thumbs might do. Be thankful that your pet actually needs you.

March 3rd If Pets Had Thumbs Day

March 3rd If Pets Had Thumbs Day


What if your pet had thumbs? They could get their own food, open doors to go out on their own, flush toilets. Wouldn’t it make your life so much easier?


Then again if they did have thumbs they could eat your food, flush toilets just for fun running up your water bill, and force you to chase them down the street after they went outside when you didn’t want them to! Personally, I’m kind of glad they don’t have thumbs if for no other reason than it makes them need us.


How to celebrate – Try not using your thumbs today to see what it feels like. Never pick up a hitch-hiking animal. Give your pet a hug.