September 20th National Punch Day

This can be a very confusing day since punch can mean so many different things. It can be punching somebody, punching some thing, punching a clock or the drinking punch. I suppose since there is no guidance as to which it means it’s your choice, please choose wisely. I prefer to think of it as the punch that you drink. That can either be spiked, or not spiked as your preference, and age, chooses. It can also include so many different flavors and presentation styles that it also becomes confusing. Or, you can just go back to bed and wait to get up until tomorrow.

How to celebrate – Come up with a new style punch. See if you can find an old time punch clock. Get yourself a punching bag.

January 27th Punch The Clock Day

Time clocks at worked are still used at work but not as much as they use to be. It use to be nearly every workplace had a time clock an employee had to punch into to when they came to work, went to lunch, got back from lunch and when they went home for the day. If the clock showed they came in a minute or two late, the employee was docked pay and rarely, if ever, if they stayed late were they paid more. N ow someplace still have time clocks, most don’t. I’ll leave it to you if that’s a good thing or not.

How to celebrate – If you don’t have to punch in through a time clock, be thankful. Use a time clock to time your kids doing their homework. Remember to set your alarm.

January 27th National Punch Clock Day

January 27th National Punch the Clock Day

The time clock was invented by Willard Bundy in 1888 in Auburn, New York as a way to better keep track of his employees work schedule. At the time (Pun intended) it seemed like a great idea. Employees punch into the clock when they arrived, punched out for lunch and such and then back in when going back to work. Finally they would punch out when they left for the day. In theory this worked out great, until it was figured out that those employees had to remember all the steps to make it work. Since then, you don’t see a punch clock being used much anymore, which is probably a good thing.

How to celebrate – Read about the punch clock days. If you still have a punch clock at work, don’t forget to use it! Find a job where you are trusted.

January 27th Punch the Clock Day

I doubt many of us remember punching the time clock at work. I always hated it because if you were a minute early you got no credit for it and if you were a minute late you got penalized. It was always a rush to the clock and if there was a line, you were in trouble.


A clock doesn’t lie, people, however, do. This was the single item that kept us all honest about when we really got to work, and when we really left. Of course, if we forgot to punch in, or forgot to punch out, we often lost the day of work completely.


I haven’t seen a time clock used in years, I suppose somewhere they are still in use. It seemed like even in my day that they were prevalent at factories or places where a certain amount of production was expected in a certain amount of time. Of course, since those days of the dinosaurs most companies have figured out incentives work better than clocks.


If you go back far enough even our cartoons had their characters using a time clock. It was funny back then because most people knew what a time clock was. It also taught the kids what they had to look forward to.


Well, I hear by the siren that it’s time for me to go. Don’t forget to punch the clock on your way out!

How to celebrate  – Get a time clock to decorate your house! If you are still using a time clock at work find a job that has moved on to the 21st century. Put your kids on the time clock for their home.