November 7th Daylight Savings Time

So at 2 AM today we turn our clocks back an hour and gain an extra hour to sleep, work or do whatever it is we please. So if you go to bed at midnight, turn your clock back to eleven. Now the reason for this was because during the summer hours it gave the farmers another hour of daylight to work, it wasn’t needed as much in winter so we could go back to the real time. (Whatever the real time actually is) Over the years this has not been required but it seems we still do it for tradition if no other reason. I always look forward to that extra hour of sleep anyway.


September 5th Be Late For Something Day

Are you one of those people that show up early for meetings, dates, parties… whatever? Come on, you are making the rest of us look bad! It’s time you were late for something, anything! My family, for example, sets time for dinner or parties a half hour before we expect anyone to actually arrive. Pretty soon we are going to have to start setting it an hour ahead of time because we all know it’s okay to be a half hour late. Remember being late to something is considered fashionable and, naturally we all want to be in step with society.

How to celebrate – Be late to something. Pick something that doesn’t really matter if you or late or not. Set your clocks back so you are lat to something.

September 23rd Fall Equinox

Sept 23rd Fall Equinox (Autumn)

Today fall begins, well halfway through the day anyway, or in Florida’s case at 3:50 AM. I won’t be up to welcome it in. Supposedly today is nearly equal in the amount of daylight and the length of the night. I again am not planning on proving this myself. Fall brings the most holidays we celebrate and so it is normally welcomed by nearly everyone. 

How to celebrate – Welcome fall and the change in the color of the trees (they don’t change much in Florida). Get ready for the coming holidays. Visit a pumpkin patch!

January 27th Punch The Clock Day

Did you ever have to punch a clock when you arrived at work? I had one job where I had to do that and boy did I hate it. If you were off by 1 minute you could be docked the entire hour. Fortunately for me, I didn’t work there very long.

They actually work against good business. If you work from 9 to 5, just to give a time reference, it was found that many people would put in extra time when they didn’t actually have to go punch a clock.When your life is being run like a finely tuned car, people tend to not be as flexible as when not every second is recorded.

Fortunately, most business’ do not use time clocks anymore. I am not sure about factories but I am sure the people there resent them just as the people that work retail or other types of jobs where they are given a certain amount of time. If you are worried about what the clock is saying, then you tend to worry more about it than the actual work you do.

But today is not hate the punch clock day, it’s a day to celebrate it! And I guess we should. It does have its advantages, primarily for the company paying out. It’ pretty hard to cheat against a clock unless you can  get a lot of people working with you.

How to celebrate – See if you can find a punch clock still in use somewhere. Count your blessing for not having to use one. Use a punch clock for your teenagers at home.