May 17th Pack Rat Day

If you love to hoard stuff, somethings you might need, something you think you might need, and somethings you know you will never need but just think you should keep you are a pack rat. A pack rat never likes to get rid of anything and I admit, I am a pack rat. The things I keep I think are useful. or may become useful at some point. Fact is that as soon as I get rid of it I find I could ave used that something useless for something important, at least to me. There is a point when you have to say enough is enough, like hen you can find anything because there is so much junk on top of it!

How to celebrate – Have a throw out party! Have a yard sale! Determine what is really important and what you can live without.


August 13th National Garage Sale Day

There are some 100,000 to 165,000 garage sales across the United States every week, most falling on weekends. It’s a great way to make a little extra cash from those things you have in the house that you don;t want or so seldom use that you don’t even remember you have. Remember, one mans trash is another man’s treasure! It’s also a nice way to meet neighbors and enjoy a day outdoors. And keep in mind, people go to garage sales to dicker over the pricing so don’t get upset with them because it is the nature of the beast!

How to celebrate – Throw a garage sale. Go to a garage sale. Form a neighborhood garage sale.