January 30th Croissant Day

Today is Croissant Day. Now you might think that something as tasteful and simple as a croissant would not have a controversial history… but you would think wrong. Apparently there are two theories, from two different countries, claiming the croissant as their own.


The first comes in 1683 when the Turks were laying siege to Vienna, Austria. The battle was not going as the Turks had planned so they decided to try to tunnel under the city walls. As it so happened, the bakers that fed the city worked underground in the basement of the castle. They heard the Turks tunneling and told the army leaders who caught the Turks off guard and ended the siege, and the war. To honor their great victory, the bakers created bread in the shape of the crescent moon, the symbol of the Turkish Army, to be devoured by the citizens of Vienna just as their army had done to the Turkish army.


Of course, France also claims the croissant as their. They say it was created either for, or by, Marie Antoinette sometime before she lost her head. This came nearly a hundred years after the siege of Vienna but who knows, maybe Marie had it made to celebrate the Austrian victory.


It doesn’t really matter now does it. If either side butters up their evidence it’s sure to get eaten before they can pour the tea.

How to celebrate – Enjoy a croissant this morning, at lunch or dinner. Find different ways to serve a croissant, stuffing it, covering it in chocolate, etc. Decide your day by the way you place your croissant. One way it looks like a frown while the other looks like a smile!