February 10th Umbrella Day

If you are looking at making a fashion statement, try using an umbrella. They make one look classy, educated and very British… if you like that sort of thing. It’s sort of funny that a tool used to keep one dry when it rains is also used to keep one cool when it’s sunny. They also double as a walking stick and make wonderful play swords, and they work really well for pushing buttons you might not otherwise be able to reach.

How to celebrate – Get yourself an umbrella. Carry an umbrella no matter what the weather; protect yourself from the sun as well as the rain. Make sure your umbrella matches the outfit you are wearing.

February 10th Umbrella Day

What a useful tool, the umbrella. It keeps you dry when its raining… or at least most of you, and cool in the the sunshine when its hot. It makes a fashion statement, although it might not be the statement you want to make. You can use it as a sword, though I would not suggest it, a pointer and in a pinch, as something to scratch your back. I am not sure who invented the first umbrella, probably someone in England were it always rains or perhaps in China or Japan where avoiding the sun was a priority. It doesn’t really matter, what does matter is that when we need one in the car, it’s in the house and when we need it in the house, it’s in the car.

How to celebrate – Get an umbrella today! Make sure you have located your umbrella in the same location you are in. Find an umbrella that says something about you.

February 10th Umbrella Day

This is perhaps one more useful tools ever invented. It keeps the rain off of us, or the snow, it shields us from the sun and the wind (With limitations) and it can be very stylish used in the right way with the right fashions. It can also be used to reach objects just beyond our grasp and to fend off would be attackers, human or animal. The biggest problem with the umbrella is that we never seem to have one with us when we need one ! That is the reason for making a fashion statement and just keeping one with you at all times!

How to celebrate – Find your favorite umbrella. Try and remember where you left your umbrella last. Buy umbrellas to match your outfit.

February 5th National Weatherman’s Day

Imagine the life of a weatherman, and again… isn’t it supposed to be a Weather Person!?! You get up every morning hoping you have predicted the weather correctly for your viewing audience. Sure there’s a 50/50 chance of being wrong, but that also means there is a 50/50 chance you are right!

Today it isn’t enough to just be a good meteorologist. You have to speak well and at least be good looking enough to not turn your audience’s stomach! Today was created to honor John Jeffries, the first American meteorologist, or at least a man that kept the weather records from 1774-1816. He was born on February 5th, 1744. Weather does generally come in a pattern, figure out that pattern and you may be able to predict your own weather!

How to celebrate – Watch the weather on tv or listen to it on the radio. Learn to predict your own weather. Always carry an umbrella just in case.

February 10th National Umbrella Day

The umbrella was not originally designed to keep us dry, it was created to provide shade. And that was thousands of years ago, probably in the Middle East where sunburns were a real problem!


It provided shade, not only protection and in some cases could have dropped the temperature by as much as ten degrees. It did eventually become protection from the rain, snow and anything else that might fall on you except for maybe an anvil.


In England it became a fashion statement and still is. The styles and shapes have changed but the purpose stays the same. The curved handle was made just to fit over the arm so that it was easy to carry when not in use.


Such a simple tool that has so many uses and makes such a fashion statement.

How to celebrate – If you don’t have one, get an umbrella. Find an umbrella that fits your personality. Stay dry!

February 10th National Umbrella Day

No one seems to know exactly when or where, or for that matter who, invented the umbrella. It is first credited to Wang Mang in 21 AD when Wang Mang wanted some shade provided to his carriage.


The umbrella is a very useful tool. It is used to keep us dry when it is raining, cool when the sun is shining and keeps things from falling on our heads. Just think, if Issac Newton had been using an umbrella the day the apple fell on his head we might not know anything about gravity.


In many places in the world the umbrella is a fashion statement. It does bring people together, particularly in a storm can be used as a defensive weapon if required. It can also be a pain in the butt! I know when I try to use one I get wetter while trying to get it open than if I had just on without it!  Still, I suppose it is better than nothing! 8efd6428eb47423b20d50979f1740d86

And of course Mary Poppins would be nowhere without her umbrella. In fact many fictional characters carry an umbrella…  Where would the Penguin be without his umbrella against Batman!?  Astell, an anime or Disney’s Jiminy Cricket.


So whether you call it an sunshade, parasol, brolly, parapluie, rainshade, gamp or bumbershoot… today is your day to use your umbrella with pride and show it off to the world!

How to celebrate – Use your umbrella today whether it’s raining or not. Incorporate an umbrella into your daily outfit. Count how many umbrellas you see in use today.