March 26th Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

Now here’s a day you can really get behind and celebrate. Why? Because you made it up yourself! We, at Unboxing the Bizarre, did that ourselves by creating National Mason Jar Day. (It does cost money to list it) So you can do it too, even if it’s just for you friends and family, or maybe just yourself. You can celebrate it the way you want… sort of like you do your birthday. The thing about it is, you sort of need to make it a big deal for anyone to take you seriously. Once again, today was created by the people at Wellness, actually Wellness Permission League. My guess is that they are hoping you pay them the fees to set it up. Right now the problem is, no one seems to know how to contact them. Maybe they are out celebrating.

How to celebrate – Create your own holiday. Celebrate your holiday in any way you want. Create additional holidays, just make sure no one else has claimed it.


November 30th National Mason Jar Day

November 30th National Mason Jar Day


Today the world of food preservation changed forever when John Landis Mason patented #22186 with a screw-neck bottle. It was not really the bottle that changed, though it did by adding threads to the top, it is the lid that revolutionized the industry.

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Adding the rubber seal keep germs and bacteria from getting inside the preserved food keeping it safe for consumption. Today was created by Michelle Campbell-Olbert for Unboxing the Bizarre.


How to celebrate – Buy some Mason Jars. Make some preserves. Visit Unboxing the Bizarre.