June 5th World Environment Day

Today was create by the United Nations back in 1972. Naturally it is to help protect our environment which we do, at least to some extent, take advantage of. We simply cannot continue to pollute, cut down rain forests, dry up our water supplies and not see some eventual problem. It is still somewhat speculated that we are causing as much damage as some scientists would have us believe. Still, there is no doubt we are causing bad things to happen and we need to use days like today to remind us that we need to be better if not for ourselves but for those generations that follow.

How to celebrate – Join an environmental group. See how you can he[p save the planet. Organize an environment clean up group in your neighborhood.


October 24th United Nations Day

The idea of the United Nations comes out of the League of Nations which the United States proposed but did not join. The world was happy when the United States did join the UN because they knew the US would pay nearly all the bills for the UN. The idea of the UN is to help provide peace, get those in need whatever they needed and to keep everybody calm. They do a wonderful job of keeping themselves calm, not so much the rest of the world though. They do serve a great job of trying to lend aid just not such a good job of letting those nations keep the aid they provide. Well at least they try, or sort of anyway.

How to celebrate – Visit the UN, in the United States. Check the budget, most of which the US pays. Take a guess who gets the least from the UN?

March 8th International (Working) Women’s Day

Today is an extension of Women’s Day first celebrated in February of 1908. The first Working Women’s Day was celebrated in 1911 having been found by social and rights groups out of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. It is sponsored by the United Nations though they had nothing to do with the founding of it. I believe women should be honored, working or not, for all they contribute to life! Working is relative because raising children and keeping a household in order is just as tough a job as any n the face of earth. But since so many, men and women, do not consider that a job, here’s to the women that work for a living! And yes, they should receive equal to, or greater than, what men receive.

How to celebrate – Celebrate women’s rights. Thank the working women in your life. Join the equal rights movement.

November 19th World Toilet Day

November 19th World Toilet Day

It may seem a little funny to celebrate a day like World Toilet Day, at least to those of us that have a toilet or two in the house. However, there are 4.2 Billion people in thew world, according to the United Nations, that do not have proper sanitation. Often the rivers and lakes used for washing clothes, dishes and bathing are used as toilets as well. Without the knowledge to prevent desease and waste from spreading into the community entire villages are infected. The UN is trying desperately to change this, but it isn’t easy.

How to celebrate – Be thankful for the toilets you have. Take care when visiting remote areas of the world. Contribute to the UN to help protect those that need to be protected.

October 24th United Nations Day

Designed to help the world stay at peace and to aid those countries in need the idea of the United Nations has sort of worked over the years… well, not really. When the most powerful countries can, and do, force the UN to do things their way the idea of an independent force for good sort of falls by the wayside. Of course, the UN gets all of it’s funding from the countries it is supposed to unite, but the majority of the funding comes from you know who. As such, when another country has an issue with an ally of our country, we are forced to support the country not in alliance with our beliefs. Oh well, it was a nice try.

How to celebrate – Look for where the UN has done a good job. (Good luck finding one) Find out which countries belong to the UN. Find out who has veto power in the UN.

July 30th International Day of Friendship

Today we are supposed to celebrate our friends all over the world. The first country in the world to suggest this was the US who began practicing it in 1919. The UN made it an international day in 2011, nearly 100 years later. When people suggest that the US is not friendly towards other countries they ought to look at history, though I know that’s not very popular today because everyone thinks the media tells the only history we need to know. The truth of the matter is, we are repeating history even now we are just too stupid to know it. So as you celebrate the International Day of Friendship just remember where it began.

How to celebrate – Contact a friend in another country. Make a friend in another country. Learn from history so you don’t make the same mistakes that were made before.

June 3rd World Bicycle Day

If you want to get a little exercise and save the environment at the same time, start riding a bicycle! You can kill two birds with one stone, although that’s not real humane to be killing birds. Much of Europe rides bikes for every day travel. Of course, communities there are closer and tend to lend themselves more to bicycling. However America is starting to catch up by creating trails that can be used for work or leisure and even the bus system is allowing bikes to be carried on the front, or back, of the bus so that people can use modern transport for the longer distances. It does cause some issues in the rain and snow but a little preventive medicine can solve even those problems. Today was created by the UN in 2018.

How to Celebrate – Go for a bike ride. Make bicycling a regular part of your life. Look into racing bikes, you might be surprised how expensive they are.

March 21st International Day of Forests

International Day Of Forests – March 21st

Today has been declared a day to appreciate the forests of the world by the United Nations. Most of us just think of forests as trees but they are actually a great deal more. They store carbon helping our environment as they improve the climate around us often acting like a filter. They give us fuel for heat and shade to cool, they are a natural sound barrier, provide food, give a watershed to the soil, and provide a soothing mental health environment.  We need to do what we can to save them.

How to celebrate – Visit a forest today. Plant a tree in your yard. Learn about the positive and negative sides of logging. List as many animals as you can that live in a forest.

September 21st International Peace Day

It seems like since man was introduced to the world we have been at war somewhere. Greed, pride, misunderstanding, hunger – you name it we find a reason to go to war. But today is a day to celebrate peace. Put differences aside and appreciate what we do have and love our neighbors. The United Nations was formed after World War 2 and created International Peace Day on September 21, 1981. It went into effect in 1982 as the third Tuesday of September, but in 2002, it was changed to September 21st.

How to celebrate – Be thankful for what you have, more than what you could have. Stop blaming someone else for all your troubles. Try and figure out what you can do to help someone rather than hurt them. Partipate in the Peace Crane Project: https://peacecraneproject.org/

September 8th International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day was created by the United Nation’s UNESCO in 1965 in order to better educate the world and promote reading. The United Nation’s Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has been instrumental in bringing literacy to the world, teaching those who would not have the opportunity to learn otherwise. The value of reading should be obvious these days, when so much is going wrong in the world and we are trying to fix it. The idea of being able to communicate and share ideas is more important now than ever before.

How to celebrate – Support UNESCO. Visit the UN. Help promote literacy in your area.