November 22nd Go For A Ride Day

If the weather is nice today why not get in, or on, some sort of vehicle and go for a ride. Enjoy the world around you and explore a little. who knows, maybe you’ll find some place or something new that you never noticed before. You may see old friends or make new ones, find a great place to eat or a spot where you can just sit and chill out… and it all starts with taking a ride, passing some time, either alone or with those you love. If the weathers bad, maybe you can plan a trip instead. It doesn’t need to take all that long. Oh, and if you have a best friend (Meaning a dog) take them along!

How to celebrate – Go for a ride. Learn more about the world around you. Start a caravan!

June 17 Take A Road Trip Day

It’s the middle of summer, kids are out of school and looking for something to do… so why not take a road trip. What better way to discover America, or whatever country you are in than to drive through it and see what all it has to offer. Today always falls on the 3rd Friday in June as created by Bob Matthews of Holiday Insights. You may want to plan it with dropping your kids off at a summer camp so that you can actually enjoy the trip yourself!

How to celebrate – Go on a road trip. Take a map in case your GPS goes out. Make sure everything in your car is in tip top shape.

June 18th Take A Road Trip Day

Another holiday created by Bob Matthews of Rochester, NY, today we focus on taking a road trip somewhere… probably close by where you live. You can take longer trips, and since the kids are out of school and public transportation is somewhat questionable, getting in the car and just taking off is kinda fun. You don’t even need to plan where you are going. (Best if this is just a day trip) Get the whole family in the car and take off, enjoy the day and explore new things that you might miss in your usual travels. This holiday is always on the third Friday of June, making it available for a three day weekend.

How to celebrate – Take a road trip. Fill up the gas tank in your car. Experience something you always thought you’d like to do but have never gotten around to.

May 7th National Tourism Day

Much of the world’s economy is generated by tourism. The idea of visiting some exotic place, some beautiful setting, or some exciting culture appeals to nearly everyone in the world. American’s go to Europe, Europeans come to America, and who doesn’t want to go to Disney!?! Those tourists help pay for local roads, generate jobs, and make life better for nearly everyone. Yes, they can drive annoyingly and sometimes we can’t understand what they are saying but we probably do the same to them when we visit their countries. So today we celebrate tourists no matter where they are or who they are. Be sure to treat them nicely!

How to celebrate – Be nice to tourists. Become a tourist yourself. Learn what tourism brings to your area.

May 6th National Tourist Appreciation Day

Though we all often get frustrated with tourist, the way they drive, the slowness in line, the constantly looking for things they have no idea where they are… those of us that live in tourism areas really need to learn to appreciate them for what they bring… money!

images (1)

We also have to realize that they are spending their money to come where we are. So to be rude to them is just wrong.  We want to be treated nicely when we go on vacation so we need to understand they would like the same thing in return. So a little inderstanding goes a long way!

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They also bring us humor. We should not point and laugh so… just laugh. Who knows, they may come from Siberia and get very little chance to get out in the sun. It’s not their fault. Those of us that live in warm climates do not probably fit in all that well in the cold. Sure we have better tans and where there is sun you are more likely to show off a little more skin, but even a whale looks out of place on land. Oops, did I really say that!?!

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And the same goes with animals. Who’s to know that the squirrel in your backyard didn’t travel thousands of miles to get there!?! Birds fly south for the winter and visit, then go back north for the summer and visit. Who is to say other animals can’t do the same! So if an animal looks lost, go see if you can give it directions… unless it’s a bear in which case, stay away, they can be unbearable!

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So here’s a big “thank you” to all the tourist than come, and go, from where ever you live. Understand they are there to have a good time and are generally paying very costly prices for that honor.

How to celebrate – Thank a tourist when you get a chance. When you go on vacation, remember all the things tourist do that you do not like and then avoid them. Pretend like you are a tourist even when you live where the tourist go.

May 7th National Tourism Day

Today is interesting to look at from two different perspectives, that of being the tourist and that of being the person who benefits from the tourist. The tourist wants to find the perfect get away, getting the best value their money can buy. Those benefiting from the tourist want to provide the best service they can to create that perfect vacation but not having to give up their souls to give it to them.

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Both side should consider the other, but in many cases they don’t. Locals to the vacation spot complain about the tourist driving, cheapness and selfishness. While the tourist can’t understand the service not being as thoughtful as they could be, not being entertaining enough and not being responsive to the every need the tourist has.

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The funny thing about it, one cannot exist without the other. So in reality, they should both to their very best to make the others lives as delightful as they can because they both will benefit from it. So today should be a dual tourism day. From the tourist stand point of view, they should be the most ideal customer they can be. The nicer they treat those serving them the better they will be server. And the tourism specialist should understand that the better service they give their client, the more generous the client will reward them.

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So wherever you choose to go, go with the proper attitude and if you chose to be in the tourism industry, the better you serve someone, the better they will treat you. Make it a win-win situation rather than seeing everybody lose.

How to celebrate – Find a place you really want to go on vacation to and then enjoy every minute of it even if it’s not perfect. And if you run a vacation spot make it the very best you can for those coming in. But mainly, in either case, make the best out of the moment, attitude can only make it worse.