September 12th National Video Games Day

As opposed to just Video Games Day, today we celebrate National Video Games Day which is also celebrated in July – your guess is as good as mine). What’s the difference? Well, there really isn’t a difference except that the idea of celebrating the day locally verses national seems to apply. With all the advancement in video games these days it’s pretty easy to spend an entire day learn just how to play a game. It is amazing the advances we have had, from the first days of Pong to the latest AR games the world of gaming has advance so far that the difference between something being a game and something being real is often only in the package it comes in.

How to celebrate – Play video games all day. Try out some new video games. Learn how to code for video games.


July 8th Video Game Day

This is not National Video Games Day, celebrated in September, this is just Video Game Day. What’s the difference… who knows but if nothing else it gives us another day to celebrate one of the world’s most popular entertainment forms ever. Companies like Atari, Nintendo and X-Box certainly support the idea of video game day, they’ve made billions of dollars providing you with a source to spend your money on and now with the world of VR and AR coming into play, you can spend even more! I have to admit, there are certain video games I love, others I absolutely hate, just going to show you… there is something for everybody!

How to celebrate – Play a video game. Check out all the stuff available in VR and AR. Become a nerd so you can play these games!