April 12th Walk On Your Wild Side Day

most of us try to calmly make our way through the day, trying not to upset the cart or spill any milk. Every once in a while though it may serve a better purpose to take a walk on the wild side if for no other reason than to get it out of our systems. Of course, that really depends on what your wild side is! As long as the only one you challenge is yourself, it’s probably okay but you also have to concerned about pushing other people’s buttons and sending them into their wild side. We know what happens in nature when two animals on their wild sides meet. Today was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy.

How to celebrate – Figure out what your wild side is. Learn how to control your wild side. What do you consider being wild means?

April 4th Walk Around Things Day

I know that having to go around things costs us time and energy, but it could cost us a lot more. If you find things in your way today the best idea is to just walk around them, or move them, or find a way to go over them or under them (Which is probably not possible) You see what happens when football players try to go through other players. In most cases they end up flat on their backs, and so, probably, will you. So do yourself a favor and walk around the things that are in your way.

How to celebrate – Go around things that get in your way. Move things out of place, out of others way. Keep your eyes open as you walk about work, home and even out in nature.

March 30th Take A Walk In The Park Day

Spring is already here and summer is coming soon. The weather now should be fairly nice, not too hot and not too cold. Most of the plants should have fully recovered from winter and be green again and animals are out and about searching for food and playing in their protected environment. It is a great time to go for a walk in the park, to enjoy nature and visit with as friend or go solo to contemplate everything going on around you. There is something about a park, whether with friends or alone that makes us feel better about everything.

How to celebrate – Go for a walk in a nearby park. Have a picnic. Learn about the trails in your area.

November 17th Take A Hike Day

There are several meanings to “Take a Hike” but we will stick with the most obvious and literal, take a walk! It is a simple form of exercise that practically anyone can do. It gets you out in nature, enjoying the sights and sounds the world has to offer and you get to see things that change daily, albeit they may be very small changes. You can hike alone, or in a group, although it is always better to hike with at least one partner. You can make new friends, maybe even find other related hobbies and if nothing else, feel better about yourself for doing it.

How to celebrate – Go for a walk. Join a hiking group. Create some new trails for yourself.

July 27th Take Your Pants For a Walk Day

I assume that today refers to you taking a walk yourself though with all the bizarre and strange days there are, maybe it does mean to take your pants for a walk. Perhaps it’s a new method of drying your pants instead of placing them in a dryer, but maybe not. It is summer and a little warm to wear your pants if you are talking a walk but if it’s not raining then it’s a perfectly good way of drying them. Or perhaps, like me, you will just go about your day and not pay any attention to it being “Take Your Pants For A Walk Day”.

How to celebrate – Take your pants for a walk. Put your pants on a leash and drag them behind you. Forget you heard about this day and live your life normally.

June 19th World Sauntering Day

Confidence, style, fashion and attitude all make up the world of sauntering. Sauntering is walking with style, not just any style but a casual yet fashionable style like they use to walk during the Victorian days. It was walking with a purpose and that purpose was to look good while walking. Today we tend to just walk to get where we are going, the quicker the better for the most part. But if you saunter you are making a statement as you walk, sure… you may arrive too late to get where you are going and you may make anyone wait caught behind you, but what’s more important… your saunter or someone’s else suffering for it! Today was created by W.T. Rabe of Mackinac Island, Michigan in the 1970’s.

How to celebrate – Walk with style. Dress up in Victorian clothing so everyone knows why you are sauntering. Make sure to carry your umbrella!

April 7th National Walking Day

There is no doubt that walking is good for us. Most of us do not do enough walking, just like most of us do not drink enough water. You can complain about how you feel, how you look or your lack of energy but are you doing the things that will restore all of those things to you? The American Heart Association created today in 2007, suggesting that we walk at least a half hour a day. That’s really not too much to ask and it is a really good idea. That exercise can add years to your life, quality years and it costs you so very little!

How to celebrate – Get a dog and take them for a walk. Start a walk group in your neighborhood. Get out and allow yourself to think about things other than immediate issues by enjoying nature.

June 1st National Trails Day

One of the world’s most loved pastimes is hiking the trails that nature has provided (And generally man has created). Trails are often human made roads, of a sort, made by foot traffic covering the same path over time. Visit practically any park or forest and you will find some kind of hiking trail for you to explore. They are generally safe to travel on, some having been there for hundreds of years. Since the weather is generally better now and people are beginning to be able to get out and enjoy nature, exploring trails can be both exciting and healthy exercise for you.

How to celebrate – Go for a walk. Travel a famous trail. Enjoy nature.

November 17th Take A Hike Day

Nov. 17th Take A Hike Day

There are 60,000 miles of paths to hike on in the National Trail System in the United States. You could go for a walk and take months, if not years, before you return. And this time of year, when the air is cooler and the leaves are still changing colors is a great time to go. No, you don’t have to walk all 60,000 miles but the more you do walk, the better you will feel. Hiking is great exercise and improves your mood and outlook on life. You can actually see what makes this country great! It’s not the highways and the airports, not the high rises and elaborate theaters, it’s not the banks or Wall Street, it is the country, what the settlers fought for, built from nothing and the woods you have the freedom to roam whenever you want.

How to celebrate – Take a walk! Form a club to walk with. Take photos of where you go so you have something to share when you get back.

June 19th World Sauntering Day

Another important day in our lives, World Sauntering Day! Sauntering is a casual, yet stylish, way to walk. The day was created by W.T. Rabe, a PR specialist, to a hotel on Mackinac Island in Michigan. He felt, as many do, that sauntering was the best way to get from point A to point B. To me, walking, running or any means of getting you to point B from point A works. The key is getting there. If sauntering makes you feel better about yourself, go for it! After all, isn’t ones saunter another ones waddle? The idea is not to fall down on the way, then you are crawling and that’s really not something any of us want to see.

How to celebrate – Saunter. Go for a walk. If you got it, flaunt it!