July 27th Take Your Pants For A Walk Day

Just like your dog, your pants really need the exercise so they should be taken for a walk. Whether you are in them or not is an entirely different question. It seems like in fashion today it really doesn’t matter all that much whether you wear them or not, particularly if they are down around your knees. (How can that be comfortable?)


Now frankly, it’s a little hard to take your pants for a walk if you are not in them. So it leads to more like Drag Your Pants Around Day. Let’s hope it’s not raining! But if you don’t like walking your pants then maybe it is a drag!


And what if you only have one pair of pants? Then what do you do? And why are they called a pair of pants when there is only one pant there? Life must be very confusing for pants. Keep that in mind when you look at them today hanging in your closet. See how lonely they look, particularly during the summer!

download (2)

Make sure, however, that if you are walking your pants you only take them to appropriately marked areas. Believe it or not, a nudist colony is a perfect place to take your pants since otherwise they will have nothing to do all day but hang out.


Now don’t make today something about you. It’s all about your pants! There will be other days you can walk your dress or coat. And whatever you do, don’t get caught with your pants down! They would be really embarrassed.

How to celebrate – Take your pants for a walk. Wearing them is optional. Make sure to wash them when you get back home.

April 4th National Walk Around Things Day

They sat the shortest way to reach your goal is a straight line. However, that rule may be challenged if you have to cross Mount Everest to get there. Plus, a little extra exercise normally doesn’t hurt anyone. There are other things that get in the way too, like… walls, people and oceans.


Some people have made a career Out of taking the short route. Dick Van Dyke, Chevy Chase but they generally don’t get where they are going without a few bumps and bruises. Was it worth it? Normally not. There is a talent to side stepping things that might otherwise cause you some issues.


Of course, if you’d rather just burst your way through, straight ahead, damn the torpedos … go ahead, stick too it!  There are advantaged to that course as well. Like, maybe you’ll find things you might never have found otherwise. But that can be said for stepping out and going around things as well.


And let’s not even get into superstitions! That ladder shouldn’t be there in the first place so go ahead and walk under it, straight ahead, never altering your course. Well that is except for today since it’s Walk Around Things Day.

How to celebrate – Stray from your normal path. Step around things in your way. Walk backwards so you can see where you have been

June 19th World Sauntering Day

So what is sauntering. It’s not running, it’s not strolling, it’s not jogging… it’s walking, but not exactly. It’s putting your life in stride and letting your walk follow. Some people use big steps, some small, some almost skip, but once you have begun sauntering, you’ll never go back.


It’s walking but with style and whether you are headed somewhere or just out for a stroll, it sets your gait to a beat, a beat inside your head that only you can hear. No two people saunter exactly alike and that’s the way it should be.


You can saunter by yourself, or with a crowd. You can saunter at the mall, school or even in church. It’s all in your frame of mind. It was started by W. T. Rabe on Mackinac Island. He was a Public Relations Director for a hotel back in the 1970’s. He created the day and his style of sauntering as a publicity stunt but it stuck.


You must be conscious of your sauntering until it comes as second nature to you. You need to look just as good walking away as you do approaching. And you never know who may be watching so you can’t let up.


And soon you will be sauntering without even knowing it. And you will be cool, whether you really are or not.

How to celebrate – Begin creating your own sauntering style. Try and figure little things you can do to make your saunter even more unique. Pick out your sauntering song and learn it well so it will never leave you.

April 7th National Walk To Work Day

Today is National Walk To Work Day. It was started by US Secretary of Health & Human Services, Thomas G. Thompson, back on April 2nd, 2004. (The celebration is the first Friday in April)  If you work as far away from work as I do, you’d better have started yesterday!


There are a few rules about walking that you may want to pay attention to however. Like, don’t walk and read your cell phone at the same time. People have actually fallen off mountains doing that. Though how many mountains you cross going to work may take care of this issue. For the most part, just be reasonable while walking. Keep your head up and watch where you are going. Make sure you know the traffic rules and do not assume someone in a car is always going to stop.

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Soldiers do not have as many issues since they march (Walk) every day. It is sort of their job! So I guess you could say they walk to work everyday. In theory, one should walk at least 30 minutes a day, or take 10,000 steps, to stay healthy. (That means all at once, not over the course of the entire day!)

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Be friendly while walking, you never know what new friends you might make. However, should you find a group of Zombies you might want to quicken your pace. A Zombie walks a lot so don’t depend on wearing them out, you have to move faster than them. (Which isn’t really very hard to do.

How to celebrate – Walk to work today if you can. If you can’t walk to work, walk at lunch, 15 minutes one way and returning the other fifteen minutes. Make sure you wear the right shoes!

February 22nd Walking the Dog Day

Walking the Dog Day


Feb 22nd is the day we celebrate taking our dogs for a walk. It is a great way to get some exercise for both yourself and your dog. It’s a wonderful way to explore something new that can only be done on foot, and it gives a little something back to a creature that loves you without condition.


Dogs truly are man’s best friend and they really ask so little in return. Remember that when they are with you, it is their time so let them lead you where they want to go (unless, of course, that place is dangerous!)


How to celebrate – Make sure that if you walk at night you get a light-up leash so others can see where you are. Take along a source of water for you and your friend. Don’t always travel the same route, explore new places.

November 30th Stay Home Because You’re Well Day

Today is your day. It’s a day to do what you want, when you want to do it and with whomever you want to do it with, It’s STAY HOME BECAUSE YOU’RE WELL DAY. I mean, we stay home because we are sick. We aren’t productive when we are sick and there is the chance of passing on whatever you have to someone else at work. But what fun is that! Why not stay home and enjoy yourself for a change! Maybe read a book or better yet, start writing one!


Or maybe you can catch up on a little sleep! We never get enough sleep. Even when we plan to go to bed early something always comes up to prevent us getting there so why not spend the day sleeping away the hours. It’s better than sleeping at your desk or a lot better if you happen to be a pilot and trying to catch up on your sleep while at work.


You could go for a walk, take your children with you. It’s great to spend time with the family out in nature. When your weekend comes up, even if it’s not really the weekend, you have so much to get caught up on… grocery shopping, dry cleaning, getting the car worked on, etc. When you take off a perfectly good work day you can actually waste it on yourself!


Listen to a little music! Maybe there is  new band since the Rolling Stones! Maybe Lawrence Welk is still performing! Who knows!?! It’s been so long since you could actually sit down and analyze a song. Maybe there is some new lesson to be learned from some one so much younger than you that things everything in the world is just fine… or even worse, not fine!


Or finally maybe just take a long relaxing bath. You know, I never really understood the point of taking a bath. You are dirty so you want to get clean, so you sit in a tub of hot water and bath.. in all that dirt that has no place to escape.  So maybe take a shower first before getting into the bath!

Anyway, whatever you want to do is okay with Thomas and Ruth Roy who created Stay Home Because You’re Well Day. They are involved with “Wellcat Holidays”.

How to celebrate – Take a day off from everything and just celebrate yourself! Find a way to put all the worries and possibilities out of your head. Become one with the universe.

July 7th Father Daughter Take A Walk Day

A father and son can play sports together, games together, and enjoy some of the same hobbies. Fathers and daughters share something completely different. That does not mean they cannot share the same sports, games, and hobbies because they obviously can, but fathers are more protective of their little girls and it teaches the girls how to wrap a man around their fingers.

Now that sounds bad but it isn’t because generally speaking, the man wants to be all wrapped up! Have you ever noticed how boys will get mad at each other, have a fight, and ten minutes later be playing with each other again? Where girls have a fight that might last for weeks, if not years. But then boys get mad quickly and girls take longer.


Now it comes as no surprise that women like to talk more than most men. There is a lot that can be learned from what they are saying, little secrets escape during the most elementary conversations. If you listen closely enough you can hear them describe where they have been, where they are, and where they intend to go. Walking seems to free this thought process up even more. Maybe it’s the effort it takes, or something that loosens up the tongue, but things get said that might not otherwise be said.

father and little daughter walking on sunset beach
Silhouette of father and little daughter walking on sunset beach

If you start these father/daughter walks young they will continue.


Even when they are no longer little. And if you are lucky enough they will last until that final official walk where you give your daughter away.


And daughters, remember that dad spent all your lifetime trying to protect you and make you happy. That will never stop, even when he needs you to protect him.

Fathers have a lot to teach their daughters to help make them better women. Daughters have a lot to teach fathers to be better men. And it seems that the lessons are better learned, better retained, and mean so much more when you are moving forward, which is exactly what you do on a walk.

How to celebrate: Take your daughter for a walk no matter how old she is (however, if you do not have a daughter I do not suggest taking someone elses daughter for a walk without permission, it won’t end well). Listen to what she has to say on the walk. Daughters take your fathers for a walk, they deserve your undivided attention even if it’s just for  few minutes.