May 31st World Otter Day

Otters are one of the more playful animals you will ever see in the world. While they are cute, they do not make very good pets so you are better leaving them in the wild which makes today even more important. As we develop more houses and shopping malls we are taking away the areas otters can live, and play. Though they are not endangered yet, they are likely to become endangered soon if we are not careful. We certainly do not need another empty mall for more shops that will just go out of business and we need to take care where we build our new homes because many of the places we want to live are places animals require to live. lets not make otters another one of those animals we can only see in zoos. Today was created in 2014 by the International Otter Survival Fund and is always the Wednesday in May.

How to celebrate – Take a hike where you can watch otters playing in the wild. Help preserve the nature where otters thrive. Donate to the International Otter Survival Fund.


February 5th National Shower With A Friend Day

Showering with a friend is a really good idea. You save a lot of water, have someone to wash your back and have someone to talk to instead of singing. If singing, you can do a duet! The idea of “Getting to know you” really applies and one can assume you will either really like each other, or hate each other afterwards. You may just want to make sure that the friend knows you are joining them otherwise things could turn out bad.

How to celebrate – Take a shower with a friend. Save water. Use two different bars of soap.

July 28th National Water Park Day

It’s the middle of summer and the days are getting hotter and hotter. You’ve used your pool every day and it’s getting a little boring so… get the family in the car and drive to your closest water park and enjoy the waves, rides and people! That is unless you are like me and end up in the hospital because of the chemicals used to keep the water sanitary because of all those people and the deceases they can spread. I went to a water park once and ended up with the worst case of hives I have ever had, I ended up having to have an IV and topical medicine to get rid of them. So, enjoy, won’t see you there but as I am frequently told this sort of thing never ever has happened to anybody else! The day was created in 2017 by Kalahari Resorts and and Conventions.

How to celebrate – Go to a water park. If you have choices, compare what they have to offer. Float away the day on a lazy river.

June 16th International Waterfall Day

Waterfalls are beautiful to look at, dangerous to try and tempt and can be another source of power if we ever figure them out. The tallest waterfall in the world is Angel Falls in Venezuela with a 3,212 foot drop. Probably the most famous is Niagara Falls here in the US. Where ever there are falls there has to be a great source of water constantly available. Another one of those mysteries, at least to me, that Mother Nature provides. How can they not dry up at some point?

How to celebrate – Look around your area for waterfalls. Create a waterfall in your backyard. Start a photo collection of the waterfalls you see.

June 8th World Oceans Day

Today was created in order to try and save our oceans before they become too polluted to function as they were intended. It’s called the 30/30 plan as organizations all over the world try to save just 30% of the oceans across the face of the earth. Conservation groups tend to focus on areas close to their heart, whether that is erosion, saving sea life, sustaining the environment and so on. They need your donations and attention to save these precious resources. It’s like any other resource, abuse it and lose it.

How to celebrate – See how many oceans you can name without looking (there are 7 of them). Go to beach. Get involved in an organization trying to preserve our oceans.

September 30th National Mud Pack Day

For years the craze was to get mud packs to cleanse your skin of all the oils that create blemishes and there are those that still believe it helps. Of course, it needs to be clean mud which is a bit redundant! It does, however, work well on bee and wasp stings until you can get somewhere to properly treat the sting. It is also fun for wrestling and making something already difficult to do, more difficult to do. But we can celebrate today for all it is worth and wonder just how much money was actually made selling clean mud packs!

How to celebrate – Try a mud pack. Go play in the mud. Create your own clean mud puddle.

July 5th National Bikini Day

The first bikini was introduced on July 5th, 1946 but it was not accepted very well. People thought women showed too much skin and in many places it was banned. The idea of the Bikini came to life in the 1960’s when morals lightened up a little. The idea of calling it a bikini came from a popular term at time calling a good looking woman a “Bombshell” and of course the nuclear testing being done on Bikini Island. Today the bikini is just a common thing with less and less material being used with prices going up and up. (Haven’t figured that one out yet) Guess it’s the days of “Less is more”.

How to celebrate – Go to the beach. Make sure you wear sun tan lotion! Visit the Bikini Island but make sure to wear a Hazmat uniform.

June 26th National Canoe Day

The Carib Indians, in the Caribbean Ocean, are credited with inventing the first canoe as they traveled from island to island or used them for fishing. The original canoes were probably just tree trunks that were hollowed out but as time passed ways were found to make them lighter and able to accommodate more people. The Carib Indians called them “Kenu” which obviously has been modified over the years to canoe. Today we use them for sport and relaxation but they were tools for survival in the early days. Just like the first canoe, we don’t know the exact origin of this holiday other than apparently it was started in 2007.

How to celebrate – Go canoeing. Get your own canoe. Build your own canoe by hollowing out a tree yourself. (Make it a summer project)

June 21st National Sea Shell Day

Today is the first day of summer, officially! And with summer comes trips to the beach where you can swim, ski and sun tan… but if you get bored with all that you can also look for and collect sea shells. In fact many people collect sea shells with a variety of shapes sizes and colors. You can spend the whole day roaming the beach looking for shells and shark teeth and other things that wash up from the sea. Today was created by “The Beaches of Ft. Myers and Sanibel (Island)” in 2016.

How to celebrate – Start a sea shell collection. Listen to the sounds of the ocean in a horned sea shell. Go to the beach.

June 16th International Waterfall Day

Waterfalls are spectacular. They are beautiful to watch, often dangerous to hang out in, and are awesome to feel the power of. The tallest waterfall in the world is Angel Falls, in Venezuela, which drops some 3,212 feet. The widest is Khone Falls, at 35,376 feet wide in Africa. By comparison Niagara Falls drops 167 feet and is 2,200 feet wide. It’s volume of water is 150,000 gallons a second. You have to wonder where all that water comes from? (but that’s another story) Today was created by Bob Matthews of Rochester, NY in 2020.

How to celebrate – Go see a waterfall. Build your own waterfall in your backyard. Go take a shower.