February 7th Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbor Day

When waving, it is best to wave all your fingers, not just one, at your neighbor and friends. We all know that every finger has it’s own meaning. Some are good, some are bad and some mean different things to different people. But when all fingers are waved it seems to be be generally accepted that it is meant as friendly. And I think most of us want to be friends with our neighbors. At least Mr. Rogers would want it that way.

How to celebrate – Wave to your neighbors. Greet your neighs as friends. Do the five finger salute.


February 7th Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbor Day

While we do generally wave a friendly greeting at our actual neighbors today the idea is that everyone is your neighbor so wave to everyone you see. Make sure your wave is in no way offensive as many ways of waving are insults in different countries and the one you wave to may be from one of those areas. What is intended as friendly is often not received as such. It’s nice to acknowledge others in our lives, even if only for a passing second. You might be surprised at how waving to someone you don;t know may brighten their day… of course they might also think you are crazy but that’s okay too!

How to celebrate – Wave to all you see. Study the different kinds of waves and what they mean. Develop your own special signature wave.

February 7th Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbor Day

Well, once you get past the length of the title of this day you can actually get down to doing what it tells you to do… be friendly. And it doesn’t say just wave at the neighbors that live next door to you, it says all of your neighbors… that person standing next to you, the person eating at a table next to you, in fact anyone who occupies a space near you is a neighbor even if it’s just for a few minutes.

If we become more friendly we will make those around us more friendly as well. Naturally, there are times when this is not a good thing, but over-all it can make someone’s day, maybe even yours. And make the effort to use all your fingers, thumb included. Anything else may be mistaken for some other gesture.

The more friends we have, the fewer enemies we will get. Sometimes this little effort on your part will change things for the better.

How to celebrate – Wave at everybody you see. Always return a wave offered you. Invent your own wave (But make sure you use all your fingers)