July 1st Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day

Remember when Howard Johnson’s 28 flavors of ice cream just blew your mind! Well today there are probably 1,028 flavors, I haven’t actually counted. Some of them are really good, some not so much so. I’m not a real fan of taco flavored ice cream. I mean, I love tacos but not as an ice cream. But we all have our favorites, mine might be different than yours but that’s okay. I scream, you scream, we all scream for Old Tire flavored ice cream! (Who first tasted an old tire to know what it tasted like?)

How to celebrate – Try as many flavors of ice cream as you can find. Have an ice cream social now that we are beginning to be able to get back together again. Invent a new ice cream flavor of your own.


May 29th International Jazz Day

Jazz is another truly American product coming out sometime during in the 1800’s in New Orleans. Jazz is truly the musicians music as it often gets above the average persons head in complexity. There are also numerous styles of jazz, New Orleans jazz, light jazz, easy listening jazz, heavy jazz… something for everybody! Today was created by D. Michael Denny in 1991 while on the board of directors of the New Jersey Jazz Society. It always falls on the Saturday following Memorial Day. One of my best friends is a jazz artist maybe better known for his R&B, Mickey Carroll. Give a listen to some of his easy listening jazz by clicking here.

April 21st Kindergarten Day

Friedrich Frobel figured out in 1837 that children were going to do better at school if they were first introduced to a half day of what to expect, in a fun environment, a year before they were expected to become involved students. He, of course, was right… the only odd part of this is that it took so long for someone to figure it out! Frobel, born in 1782, was no youngster himself when he added the idea of kindergarten to the German educational system.

How to celebrate – Visit a kindergarten class. (Make sure to get permission first) Celebrate Frobel’s birthday, the reason we celebrate kindergarten day today. Try and find pictures of yourself in kindergarten.

April 17th Record Store Day

I remember spending hours at my local record store when I was younger. It was called “Peaches” and it had every type of music available. I was a musician back then, and actually had some records out, so I always looked for mine there… and for those of friends who also had records out. Never did find any. Records used to come in 78rpm, 33rpm and the most popular in my time, the 45rpm. Today was created by the recordstoreday.com people in 2007. Never even knew they existed. Records are starting to make a comeback, I’m not sure why, but they are. I loved the covers!

How to celebrate – Break out your old record collection. Get a turntable. Visit one of the many retro record stores.