April 15th Titanic Remembrance Day

April 14th, 1912 the White Star Line Titanic struck an ice berg at 11:40 pm. Two hours later, on April the 15th she sank taking 1522 people with her. Some people remember the Titanic for striking the ice berg on the 14th, she actually sank on the 15th and for some unknown reason many celebrate this day (Well they don’t really celebrate it) on April 16th. The truth is, it was never supposed to sink and perhaps if it had been treated as if it was able to sink, it might have still be afloat on April 16th. That said, we remember the ship and those lost when she went down today.

How to (sort of) celebrate – Visit one of the many Titanic exhibits across the world today. Read the passenger list of those on board the Titanic. Watch anyone of the dozen movies made about the Titanic.