February 10th Umbrella Day

Where would the British be without their umbrellas? For that matter, here would any of us be!?! We’d be wet, sunburned, windblown and probably more! This is not to even mention the fashion statement made while carrying an umbrella. There would probably be no Mary Poppins either! (Or at least one that could fly) So welcome the umbrella into your life. Even though you get wetter trying to open it outside in the rain than if you just forgot about it. And from personal experience… don’t try to use it to fly, it doesn’t work.

How to celebrate- Buy an umbrella. Design your own umbrella. Carry an umbrella with you where ever you go.


August 23rd Ride The Wind Day

Today is all about using as natural power source to supply movement, the wind. This includes things like flying, sailing, hang gliding, anything where wind powers your way. It’s a little chancy to plan your day, and entertainment, accordingly because it is a source you cannot control. You have to go along with where the wind wants to take you and how fast it wants to get you there, if at all. It can help provide energy for the earth, but just like all things concerning mother nature, she gives and she takes away!

How to celebrate – Go fly a kite. Invest in wind power for your electric, just don’t depend on it. Get a wind gauge.

June 15th Global Wind Day

Global Wind Day was created back in 2007 by the European Wind Energy Association as it explored and began the operation of harnessing the wind to provide power. It isn’t particularly a new idea, man has been using wind for centuries to power his needs. The windmills, shipping and piracy all used wind to propel them into the future. We are still working on the idea, a clean form of energy, though it still needs perfecting. It’s another of those great ideas that Mother Nature offers man needs to use to it’s fullest.

How to celebrate – Study all the different things wind has powered over the years. Build your own wind power source. Discover the best areas in the world for wind.

August 23rd Ride The Wind Day

In years past riding the wind meant sailing in a ship. Today it means a whole lot more. We travel by Airplane, Motorcycle and even Hot Air Balloon but we also use kites, parachute, hang glide, and use the wind in other ways never thought of in the past. It may even be possible we get our electric from wind soon. (If they ever get it figure out right) So riding the wind while old is new again. Wind can also be a bad thing, tornadoes, hurricanes and just plain old wind storms. But if we are able to harness even that wind, who knows…

How to celebrate – Enjoy the wind. Build your own windmill. Become a wind expert.

June 15th Global Wind Day

Today was created by the European Wind Energy Association in 2007 to bring awareness of the efforts to harness wind power to light our homes and cities with. There is little doubt the idea is a good one even though its always going to be only a part of our energy consumption problem. We all pollute the air around us, every country in the world. Those that cry the most about the pollution are generally those that create the most pollution. I applaud the efforts of those wanting to bring down our thumb print on the environment but until we can get some of the worst offenders to go along with it, wind power (While a really good idea) will never answer our needs.

How to celebrate – Build a wind tower on your property and cut down on your use of energy. Remember how the world was when we had sailing ships instead of ships with engines. Do your part to cut back on energy use.

August 23rd Ride The Wind Day

Man has tried to harness the wind for his own use since time began. The problem with that is it’s a little difficult to control how hard the wind blows. Airplanes require wind to fly, some wind they create on their own but at times the bottom drops out and even a plane can take a dip. Watch how a kite flies to get the idea. Parachuting is a newer sport using the fabric as a resistance factor against the wind, but if it blows to hard the sport becomes dangerous. Same thing with hang gliding. Sailing is safer but even then, it is possible to sit stranded with no wind to propel you along the way. It is fun to let the wind take you where it wants to go, tougher to get it to take you where you want to go.

How to celebrate – Fly a kite. Go sailing. Get a pinwheel.

August 23rd National Ride The Wind Day

If you think about it, man has been trying to capture the wind since… well… since the beginning of time. We use it for electricity, sailing ships, gliders, kites, and sometimes, just to enjoy those ocean breezes that both warm us and keep us cool. Over the years we have learned to use the wind, but we have never actually learned to control it. I doubt we ever will. It has a life of its own to some degree. We can channel it, move it, and increase it but it still has it’s own spirit. And I think that is good! In the end, it reminds us that we are not the end all and that somethings still control us even when we think we control them.

How to celebrate – Do some sport that involves the use of wind. Go sailing. Create your own power plant with a wind turbine.

February 8th National Kite Flying Day

This could be a wonderful day to go kite flying! Never mind the snow, or rain, it’s not important, make Ben proud and fly that kite! Remember to put a key on it so that if lightening strikes you can learn the same lesson he did! Mainly, don’t fly kites in electrical storms!

Kites have been in use since the Chinese military flew them some 3,000 years ago. I’m not exactly sure why they flew them but historical records show they did. It was probably to scare their enemies or maybe while their enemies were looking up admiring the kites the Chinese attacked on the ground.

Either way, kite flying has stuck around and brings hours and hours of fun, and a little frustration. Just remember if it happens to be snowing, or raining, you just have to run a little faster to get them started. (And I suppose keep them flying)

How to celebrate – Go pick out a really cool kite. Enter a kite combat competition. Make sure you are in a field with no overhanging wires

August 23rd National Ride The Wind Day

August 23rd National Ride The Wind Day


Today is not the type of day I thought it would be at all. It is all about human powered flight machines. Hang gliders and bicycle type flying machines allow you to literally, ride the wind. The Gossamer Condor 2 currently holds the record flying at 11 miles per hour and going 2,172 meters in Minter Field, California.

images (2)

The article about the Condor 2 does not say how the landing was. So maybe man really can fly… albeit with a little help from Mother Nature and a few well-placed pedals.

images (1)

How to celebrate – Learn how to hang glide. Build your own bicycle flying machine. Estimate how long it would take to fly from coast to coast in the U.S. using the Condor 2.


August 23rd Ride The Wind Day

We don’t often think of the wind unless we are in a storm or a hurricane (Which actually is a storm anyway). We think of it as blowing our roof away, bending trees until they break or taking the hat off our head and sending it to someplace like China where we will never get it back.

download (3)

But the wind can be our friend too! When it is a breeze we can go fly kites with our children (Or on our own). You can feel a friendly breeze at the beach or when you ride a motorcycle. And you can forget going anywhere if there is no wind and you are sailing! You’ll just sit there like a bump on a log. (What does that really mean anyway?)

download (1)

You can para-sail, fly balloons, blow out candles on a birthday cake… you can try to capture it, dry off in it or break it. (Think about it) It helps you when you drive, if it’s behind you, you can pick up lost time if you are flying


You can glide, free style, have a bad hair day parachute (If you are into that) pretend you are a bird.  If it wasn’t for the wind, we would never have been discovered in America, or brought here anyway. We would have probably never called Chicago the Windy City or see a cloud float by overhead.


We owe a lot to the wind. Even those gentle summer breezes we are enjoying right now are the wind. So use it to your advantage, we are able to harness things like the wind today that they could only dream of long ago. It is just another gift given us that we can use to our benefit.

How to celebrate – Go fly a kite! Try hang-gliding. Have some broccoli and create your own wind.