August 6th National Mustard Day

August 6th National Mustard Day

The first Saturday in August brings out the mustard enthusiast in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. They paint the town yellow to honor the mustard industry and the National Mustard Museum created by Barry Levenson since 1991. In recent years, weather allowing, the festival has turned into a street party where all seventeen brands of mustard made for the American market can be ample on hotdogs, pretzels, ham sandwiches, and anything your heart desires. Mustard adds a tangy flavor to everything that is used in combination with it, sometimes it even gets spicy hot! Make sure to sample just a taste of the mustard you are choosing so you know what you are getting yourself into.

How to celebrate – See how many of the National Mustard brands you can name that celebrate National Mustard Day. Try mustard on something new. Learn the different in yellow mustard and brown mustard.